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Splendida - Iris d'Or by Bvlgari

Splendida - Iris d'Or by Bvlgari
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Sophie Labbé
Brand: Bvlgari

What Does Splendida - Iris d'Or Smell Like

Upon the first inhale of Splendida - Iris d'Or by Bvlgari, you are met with a sweet and inviting aroma of ripe raspberries. The scent is not overly fruity, but the berries create a delightful freshness that serves as the initial introduction. This top layer of fragrance is accompanied by a hint of delicate violet leaf, and a gentle floral note of heliotrope adding nuances of vanilla and almond to the blend.

As the perfume evolves, the star of show emerges — the orris. This note, derived from the root of the iris plant, gives the perfume its distinct aroma that is both earthy and slightly sweet. The orris is complemented by a floral presence of mimosa, which lends a touch of honeyed sweetness and powdery texture to the bouquet, adding depth and complexity to the heart of the perfume.

In the perfume's final stages, the base reveals a trio of warm and cozy notes. The tonka bean absolute imparts a flavor of vanilla and almond, while the vetiver brings a touch of earthy, woody character. The presence of sandalwood introduces an additional layer of creamy, soft woodiness, resulting in a smooth, rich finish that lingers languidly on the skin. All in all, Splendida - Iris d'Or presents a sophisticated and sensuous olfactory journey from sweet fruity beginnings to a creamy, floral heart, and finally to a warm, woody base.

Review of Splendida - Iris d'Or

Splendida Iris d'Or by Bvlgari is an ode to femininity, with a scent profile that leans heavily towards the floral side, predominantly iris, making it an excellent choice for those with a preference for such fragrances. The powdery aspects of the scent make it a gentle yet distinct offering, adding a comforting touch that's perfect for everyday wear. There's a touch of creaminess that brings a layer of depth to the scent, setting it apart from the typical floral fragrances on the market.

Occasionally, you'll catch whiffs of sweet and fruity notes, giving it a fresh, playful spin. Yet, the perfume always circles back to its floral roots. The overall scent is relatively constant, which is both a strength and a drawback. On the one hand, it's reliable and unchanging, but on the other, it may lack the complex evolution some perfume enthusiasts seek.

In terms of longevity, Splendida Iris d'Or performs above average, lasting for a satisfying duration without being excessive. While its sillage is more subdued, it's still sufficient, creating a personal scent cloud without overpowering those around you.

Best suited for spring and fall, its warmth and floral notes blend seamlessly with these transitional seasons. It's versatile enough for a wide array of occasions, from daily activities to business meetings or a leisurely night out, making it a practical addition to your perfume collection.

In terms of value, this Bvlgari offering is a solid investment. It's not the cheapest option on the market, nor is it the most expensive, but it delivers a quality fragrance that embodies femininity and elegance. While it may not be groundbreaking, it's a reliable, classic perfume.

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