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Goutte de Mercure by By Terry

Goutte de Mercure by By Terry
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Brand: By Terry

Key Notes of Goutte de Mercure

What Does Goutte de Mercure Smell Like

Goutte de Mercure by By Terry opens with a distinctive hint of violet leaf, offering the first suggestion of a rather floral scent. This initial impression grows more complex as the perfume continues to develop, gradually revealing a powdery blend of violet and iris, subtly intertwined with the exotic, creamy richness of ylang-ylang. The presence of orris root adds a certain earthy warmth, while the muted whisper of jasmine adds another delicate layer to the floral heart.

As the floral notes start to mellow, the oriental undertone emerges, coming alive with the resinous sweetness of benzoin. This is accentuated further by the bold, earthy aroma of patchouli, creating a slightly spicy edge. Yet, it's the sandalwood that stands out, softening the blend with its soothing, woody nuances.

There's also an unexpected sweetness in the base, brought forth by a hint of vanilla. It isn't overpowering, but instead offers a subtle complement to the overall composition, adding just the right amount of warmth and richness.

Overall, Goutte de Mercure by By Terry is a predominantly floral and powdery fragrance, with a warm, oriental, woody finish. It's a complex and layered scent, with the allure of spice and sweetness subtly woven throughout.

Review of Goutte de Mercure

Goutte de Mercure by By Terry is a captivating perfume that appears to be favored by women. The scent is a charming blend, predominantly floral, which is complemented by a powdery vibe, making it alluring for those who prefer these scent types. The perfume has a touch of oriental spiciness that adds a hint of mystery, while the woody, sweet, resinous, and earthy undertones create a complex, yet well-rounded aroma.

This perfume shines best during the cooler months of fall and winter, emanating an inviting warmth that can cut through the chill. It is particularly suitable for evening events or a night out, leaving a memorable impression. You can also wear it for leisurely activities or on a regular day, adding a dash of luxury to your routine. Despite its elegant character, Goutte de Mercure can be comfortably worn in a business setting as well, showing the perfume's adaptability.

The perfume offers decent longevity, ensuring that the scent will stay with you for a good while. Its sillage is moderate, not too overpowering but noticeable enough. Goutte de Mercure by By Terry provides good value for its price, striking a nice balance between quality and cost.

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