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1996 - Inez & Vinoodh by Byredo

1996 - Inez & Vinoodh by Byredo
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Brand: Byredo

Key Notes of 1996 - Inez & Vinoodh

What Does 1996 - Inez & Vinoodh Smell Like

1996 - Inez & Vinoodh by Byredo is a fragrance that exudes a sense of complexity and warmth. On first encounter, it strikes with a bold impression of spicy juniper berry, tinged with a playful hint of black pepper. This initial spiciness gives way to a heart that is rich and velvety, marked by a robust blend of leathery iris. A whisper of delicate violet is woven in, offering a light balance to the potent leather.

As this scent settles, it reveals a base that is both deep and comforting. The unmistakable aroma of black amber is pronounced, contributing a resinous depth, while earthy patchouli adds a touch of earthly grit. A trace of sweet, creamy vanilla settles in at the finish, giving the perfume a final note that feels both comforting and intimate.

Overall, the perfume has a balanced tension between the spicy, leathery, and woody aspects, softened by powdery floral notes and a sweet undercurrent. It's not just a scent, but an olfactory journey that marries the unexpected with the familiar. It's a scent that doesn't shout, but rather whispers its presence in a subtle, yet memorable way.

Review of 1996 - Inez & Vinoodh

Inez & Vinoodh's 1996 perfume by Byredo is a true tastemaker in the unisex fragrance world. Released in 2013, it carries a bold character with a fascinating intertwining of spicy and leathery notes at the forefront, gently underscored by woody and powdery elements. A delicate sweetness ensues, wrapped up in an earthy and resinous envelope that leaves a subtle smoky trail. The oriental and floral aspects provide a soft finish that adds depth and balance.

This perfume has a distinct preference for the colder months, coming alive in the fall and winter. Its character truly shines during evening events or a night out, adding to the atmospheric charm of these occasions. However, it also proves to be a good companion for laid-back leisurely activities. For daily use or business occasions, its rich and complex scent profile offers a comfortably warm and inviting aura. This perfume is a daring, yet balanced, olfactory journey that doesn't shy away from making a memorable statement.

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