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Baudelaire by Byredo

Baudelaire by Byredo
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2009
Brand: Byredo

What Does Baudelaire Smell Like

Baudelaire by Byredo is a unisex fragrance that captures the senses with a spicy, bold opening of black pepper and juniper berries, supported by a subtle undercurrent of caraway. This gives way to an intriguing heart of frankincense, its smoky and resinous quality eclipsing the softer leather and hyacinth notes. The frankincense brings an age-old, almost spiritual depth to the fragrance, the smoky essence permeating throughout.

The perfume slowly mellows down, revealing an earthy, woody base of papyrus, black amber, and patchouli. The papyrus note is most prominent, delivering a dry, woody scent that's reminiscent of old paper, while the black amber offers a touch of sweetness. The patchouli grounds the fragrance with its earthy, slightly green scent, adding an interesting depth and complexity to the overall composition.

Despite its range of notes, Baudelaire is overall a spicy, smoky, and leathery perfume. It has an intense, brooding quality, like a dense forest under a starlit sky. It's the type of scent that lingers, a haunting echo of spice, smoke, and earth leaving an impression long after you've left the room.

Review of Baudelaire

Baudelaire by Byredo is a bold, unapologetic perfume that isn't shy about its spicy and leathery notes. It strides confidently into the world with a smoky, earthy undertone that's immediately noticeable. This scent doesn't whisper; it roars, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a stronger, more assertive fragrance.

It's an aroma that calls to mind the crisp air of fall and the cool, quiet stillness of winter, making it perfect for those seasons. Yet, don't feel limited; its woody note gives it a versatility that allows you to wear it on a spring evening or a summer night out.

Baudelaire is a perfume that leans more towards the masculine, making it a standout choice for men. However, its unisex formulation also welcomes those women who appreciate a scent that's a little less traditional.

Whether you're off to a leisurely evening, out for a night of fun, or heading into a business meeting, Baudelaire is a scent that confidently says, "I'm here."

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