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Eleventh Hour by Byredo

Eleventh Hour by Byredo
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: Byredo

What Does Eleventh Hour Smell Like

Eleventh Hour by Byredo opens with a lively charge of Nepalese Sichuan pepper, a fragrance that hits your senses with a bold, zesty quality, nicely offset by a touch of citrusy bergamot. The initial hit of spices gives way to an unexpected heart of wild fig, carrot seed, and a hint of rum. The fig stands out, providing a sweet, fruity contrast to the spiciness. The carrot seed brings an earthy touch, slightly root-like, while the rum adds a touch of boozy sweetness.

As the perfume evolves on the skin, the base notes of tonka bean and cashmere wood emerge. The tonka bean lends a hint of sweet-vanilla-like scent, taming the earlier zesty pepper and boozy sweetness. The backdrop of cashmere wood grounds the perfume with its light, soft, and comforting woody aroma. The fragrance journey of Eleventh Hour transitions smoothly from the spicy-fruitiness of the top and middle notes to the sweet-woody base, making this perfume a sensory exploration of contrasting yet complementary elements.

Review of Eleventh Hour

Byredo's Eleventh Hour, released in 2018, is a unisex perfume that tugs at provocative and adventurous notes. The fragrance leans slightly more towards men, but the pleasant and expressive scent works just as well for women. The versatility of this scent unveils its true character in the cooler seasons of fall and spring, where the spicy and fruity undertones find their footing.

The fragrance opens with a vivid punch of Nepalese Sichuan pepper, coupled with a light touch of bergamot. As the initial notes fade, it reveals the heart of the perfume, a smooth blend of carrot seed, rum, and wild fig. These elements create an inviting yet mysterious aura that is hard to ignore. The base notes of cashmere wood and tonka bean give the perfume a lasting depth, maintaining its allure as it wears throughout the day.

Eleventh Hour, with its heady mix of spice and sweetness, is perfect for leisure activities or a night out. However, some might find it overpowering for daily use or business occasions. The fragrance has a moderate lasting power but can be a bit light on the sillage, meaning it won't leave a strong trail behind you.

In terms of value, it's a bit of a mixed bag. For those who appreciate a bold, distinguishing scent, this perfume might be worth the investment. However, for those who prefer subtler, fresher fragrances, this might be somewhat of a stretch.

In conclusion, Byredo's Eleventh Hour is a daring and exciting perfume, not for the faint-hearted. It's an intriguing blend that's perfect for those who seek to stand out from the crowd.

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