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Night Veils - Reine de Nuit by Byredo

Night Veils - Reine de Nuit by Byredo
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Brand: Byredo

Key Notes of Night Veils - Reine de Nuit

What Does Night Veils - Reine de Nuit Smell Like

When you first take a whiff of Night Veils - Reine de Nuit by Byredo, the scent is an immediate rush of dark, juicy blackcurrant and the slightly sweet, exotic spice of saffron. These two elements together create an initial impact that is both sweet and spicy, with a depth that is simultaneously luscious and warm.

As the perfume starts to settle, a note of frankincense becomes apparent. It's a scent that is distinctive and piercing yet mellow, adding a resinous touch to the fragrance. This middle note brings a sense of calm and tranquility, giving the perfume a soothing, aromatic layer right at its heart.

In the base notes, the scents of black amber, ambrette seed, and patchouli come into play. The black amber adds a fragrant richness that feels deeply satisfying while the ambrette seed brings a musky, slightly sweet undertone. The patchouli is earthy and grounding, completing this olfactory journey with a touch of the exotic.

In summary, Night Veils - Reine de Nuit by Byredo is a fragrant blend of sweet and spicy, with notes of dense fruitiness, exotic spice, tranquil resin, deep amber, musky seeds, and earthy patchouli. It forms a perfume that is both calming and stimulating, with intriguing layers of scent that tease the senses.

Review of Night Veils - Reine de Nuit

Night Veils - Reine de Nuit by Byredo is a captivating scent that's been wooing both men and women since its release in 2015. Boasting a predominantly floral aroma with a spicy kick, this perfume could be considered an aromatic journey through an exotic garden, where the scents of nature are heightened by the first dustings of frost.

The blend of top notes, led by blackcurrant, creates an initial environment that is fruit-forward yet undeniably complex. This quickly gives way to the heart of the perfume – a singular but profound note of frankincense, which adds a smoky and sweet undercurrent to the scent. The base notes add depth and longevity, with smoky woody undertones that round out the fragrance, giving it a strong finish that lingers on the skin.

While Reine de Nuit is billed as a unisex perfume, it has been particularly well received by women, perhaps due to its floral dominance. However, its smoky and woody accents make it an alluring choice for men as well.

As for its performance, this perfume is no fly-by-night. It sticks around, making it perfect for long evenings out or special occasions. The sillage is moderate, not overwhelming but enough to make a statement.

With a heavier emphasis on fall and winter, it's a scent that thrives in the cooler months. However, its spicy-fruity combination also allows it to transition well into the early days of spring.

Bear in mind, despite its many strengths, Reine de Nuit might not be the most pocket-friendly option out there. However, for those who appreciate an aromatic experience rooted in complexity and depth, this perfume is certainly worth considering.

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