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Oud Immortel by Byredo

Oud Immortel by Byredo
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2010
Brand: Byredo

Key Notes of Oud Immortel

What Does Oud Immortel Smell Like

Oud Immortel by Byredo is a bold, unisex perfume that opens with a strong aura of earthy frankincense, underlined by a subtle hint of spicy cardamom. This combination creates a deep, intriguing scent that is both warm and smoky. As the fragrance evolves, it introduces an unexpected element of papyrus, a dry and woody note that adds a sense of antique mystery to the blend. The papyrus is complemented by the rich, mossy scent of patchouli and a touch of Brazilian rosewood, adding a layer of earthiness to the perfume's heart. The base of this scent is a rich blend of smoking tobacco and moss. The tobacco note is dominating, offering a warm, comforting aroma that balances out the earthiness of the moss. Overall, Oud Immortel by Byredo is a well-rounded woody and smoky fragrance with spicy and earthy undertones that linger on the skin, making it a perfect scent for those who enjoy complex, deep aromas.

Review of Oud Immortel

Oud Immortel by Byredo is an aromatic journey that's perfect for those seeking to elevate their scent game. The perfume exudes a bold, woody aura, complemented by a rich, spicy undertone which makes it more appealing to men. With a smoky hint adding a mysterious edge, the earthy notes ground this scent, making it feel warm and inviting. The resinous and oriental aspects lend an exotic touch, and the subtle touches of fruity, citrus, and sweet notes lend a pleasant surprise to the overall aroma. The leathery aspects give it a classic feel, rounding off the composition beautifully.

Despite its richness, Oud Immortel is surprisingly flexible. It shines best in the cooler seasons of fall and winter, adding a cozy, comforting layer on chilly days. The scent is well suited for evening events or a night out, but also fits in well in a more relaxed, leisurely setting. With moderate longevity and sillage, it will linger on your skin, hinting at your presence but not overpowering the room.

In conclusion, Oud Immortel is a well-rounded, versatile, and mature fragrance that stands out without feeling overwhelming. It's a perfume that's definitely worth experiencing.

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