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Rose Noir by Byredo

Rose Noir by Byredo
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2008
Brand: Byredo

Key Notes of Rose Noir

What Does Rose Noir Smell Like

Rose Noir by Byredo invites the nose with a lively yet subtle blend of red berries and grapefruit, coupled with a faint spicy hint from cardamom and the soft floral touch of freesia. As the initial zest mellows, the perfume unfurls a heart richly steeped in the distinct aroma of Damask rose, with an added sweetness from ripe raspberries. Violet adds a tender powderiness while jasmine and lily of the valley lend a light, fresh floral undertone.

Despite its name, Rose Noir is not just about roses. The base layer surprises with an earthy trinity of moss, musk, and patchouli, reminiscent of a damp forest floor. An addition of cistus furthers the earthy undertone, cementing the sensual grounding to this fragrance. Yet, the scent doesn't lose its inherent freshness nor floral charm, maintaining the vibrant beauty of Damask roses throughout its journey.

In essence, Rose Noir by Byredo paints a multi-layered portrait of a bloom. It embodies the spark of freshly bloomed petals, the opulence of mature blossoms, and the mysterious allure of a rose garden after the rain. It's a scent that is both vibrant and deep, earthy yet bright, making it a choice for those who appreciate the complexity of roses beyond their typical sweetness.

Review of Rose Noir

Rose Noir by Byredo is a distinctive scent that stands out due to its floral backbone, primarily driven by its rose essence. This perfume will remind you of a lush, fresh garden during spring, although its aromas can be enjoyed throughout the fall as well. Men and women will find appeal in it, however, women seem to gravitate towards its allure more.

Its scent profile is complex, and you'll notice layers of fresh green and earthy tones that bring depth to the floral heart. Citrusy hints create an invigorating touch, while spicy, woody, and fruity notes give it an interesting twist. Despite these assorted profiles, the perfume does not overwhelm with sweetness.

In terms of when to wear, it's quite adaptable. You could wear this on a casual day out, to your workplace, or for an evening event. Just keep in mind, its sillage and longevity aren't striking, so you might need to reapply to keep the scent alive. Despite that, Rose Noir offers good value, especially for those fond of floral fragrances with a contemporary spin.

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