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Super Cedar by Byredo

Super Cedar by Byredo
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Byredo

Key Notes of Super Cedar

What Does Super Cedar Smell Like

Super Cedar by Byredo opens with a distinctive floral aroma - a clear hint of rose. The scent is remarkable, not overpowering, but rather it evokes a sense of fresh roses in blossom. It's an elegant start, with a delicate hint of sweetness from the flower. As the floral scent gradually fades, the fragrance takes a woody turn, blooming into a cool, earthy cedar aroma. The heart of this perfume is dominated by the Virginia cedar, imparting a natural, forest-like scent with a slightly resinous undertone. As it settles, the fragrance introduces a mixture of vetiver and musk. The Haitian vetiver adds a smooth, earthy note to the mix, while the musk adds a rather subtle, animalistic touch to it, grounding the perfume with an interesting depth. The end result is a combination of floral freshness, intense cedar, and a mildly earthy base, all tied together by a faint muskiness. This blend of scents gives Super Cedar a synthetic overtone, but one that doesn’t obstruct the natural components in its composition. The finish is an aromatic combination of woody, spicy, and fresh, making it a scent that's both assertive yet understated.

Review of Super Cedar

Super Cedar by Byredo, introduced in 2016, is a distinct fragrance for men that leans heavily on its dominant woody note. Its main allure lies in its potent cedar aroma, which is subtly enhanced by a blend of synthetic, floral, fresh, spicy, and green notes. A hint of sweetness and resinous undertones add an intriguing depth to this complex scent.

As the name suggests, Super Cedar is a celebration of the grandeur of the cedar tree. The fragrance captures the raw essence of timber and freshly chopped logs. The perfume skews more towards the masculine side, making it a great choice for men who appreciate a robust, outdoorsy scent. However, it might not appeal to everyone as the synthetic note can come across as slightly artificial.

Given its woody character, Super Cedar feels most at home in the cooler spring and fall months. It's versatile enough to wear daily or to a leisurely outing. However, its sillage is not the most potent, so it might not make a bold statement in a crowded room. Longevity is decent, but not outstanding.

In terms of value, Super Cedar sits in the middle of the pack. It's not a cost-effective option, but it's not exorbitantly priced either. It's a niche fragrance for those who appreciate the smell of the forest and don't mind paying a bit extra for it. Despite some shortcomings, Super Cedar is a solid choice for men seeking a woody, nature-inspired scent.

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