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Amor Amor by Cacharel

Amor Amor by Cacharel
Gender: Women
Release date: 2003
Brand: Cacharel

What Does Amor Amor Smell Like

Amor Amor by Cacharel is a fragrance designed for women that features a delightful blend of fruity, floral, sweet, fresh, and citrus scents, creating a well-rounded and appealing aroma. At the top, the most prominent note is the juicy blackcurrant, followed by the warm, slightly spicy cassia and zesty mandarin orange. The grapefruit adds a refreshing tanginess, while the orange and bergamot contribute to the overall citrus atmosphere.

In the heart of the perfume, the floral scents come into play, with the sweet and exotic jasmine taking the lead. The tender apricot brings a soft fruitiness, accompanied by the delicate, clean aroma of lily and lily of the valley. The classic scent of rose adds a romantic touch to the fragrance.

The base of Amor Amor consists of the rich tonka bean and creamy vanilla, giving the perfume a comforting, sensual warmth. The amber adds a touch of depth, while the cedar and musk contribute an earthiness that grounds the fragrance. Overall, Amor Amor by Cacharel is a well-balanced, beautifully layered scent that combines fruity, floral, and warm notes to create a feminine and appealing fragrance.

Review of Amor Amor

Amor Amor by Cacharel, released in 2003, is a women's perfume with a predominantly fruity and floral scent, followed by a touch of sweetness. The fresh and citrus undertones give it a vibrant and lively aura, making it perfect for those searching for an energetic and lively fragrance.

The perfume seems to be favored mostly by women and younger audiences, which is no surprise given its playful and vibrant aroma. It is a great option for those who seek a scent that complements their youthful and spirited personality.

Amor Amor is best suited for spring and summer days, when its fruity and floral notes can truly shine. However, it can still be worn during fall and winter months, as its fresh and citrus notes can bring a sense of brightness and warmth during colder days.

Regarding the occasions for which this perfume is suitable, it can be worn for daily activities as well as leisure time. Its lively scent makes it a great choice for casual business settings or when going out for a night on the town.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Amor Amor provides a moderate performance. It won't overpower the people around you, but it will still leave a subtle and pleasant trail as you go about your day. When considering its price point, this perfume offers good value, making it a great addition to any perfume collection.

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