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Eden by Cacharel

Eden by Cacharel
Gender: Women
Release date: 1994
Perfumer: Jean Guichard
Brand: Cacharel

What Does Eden Smell Like

Eden by Cacharel is a women's perfume that opens with a light and zesty blend of mandarin orange, bergamot, and lemon. The fragrance is marked by bright and juicy citrus aromas, making it a fresh and energizing scent. The peach adds a touch of soft sweetness which mellows the citrus notes, creating a gentle, fruity opening.

As the perfume develops, the heart reveals a symphony of floral notes, with the prominent tuberose and lotus adding a rich, creamy quality to the scent. Melon and mimosa contribute a subtle sweetness, while the jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom, pineapple, water lily, and rose create a well-rounded, lush bouquet of floral fragrances.

The base of the perfume brings depth and warmth to the composition through the earthy patchouli and the woody undertones of cedar and sandalwood. The addition of common elder adds a touch of green freshness, while the tonka bean provides a hint of smooth sweetness.

Overall, Eden by Cacharel is a delightful and balanced fragrance that combines the freshness of citrus fruits and green notes with the elegance of a rich floral heart and the warmth of a woody base.

Review of Eden

Eden by Cacharel, released in 1994, is a women's perfume that showcases an interesting blend of floral and green scents. This fragrance is designed primarily for women, with a more significant appeal for an older audience. Its scent composition is striking, with dominant notes of floral and green elements, followed by fresh, fruity, sweet, woody, earthy, spicy, powdery, and synthetic nuances.

The longevity of Eden is impressive, allowing the wearer to enjoy its various scents throughout the day. Its sillage is also noteworthy, ensuring the fragrance will be noticed by those around you. In terms of value, this perfume offers a good balance between price and quality, making it a wise choice for those looking for a lasting and distinctive scent.

Eden is most suited for the spring and fall seasons, with its floral and green notes evoking a sense of renewal and transition. It is also suitable for summer and winter, but perhaps not as ideal. As for occasions, this perfume is perfect for leisure activities, nights out, daily wear, and even evening events or business settings.

In conclusion, Eden by Cacharel is a remarkable women's fragrance that combines the beauty of floral and green scents with an impressive lasting power and a noticeable presence. Its versatility across seasons and occasions makes it an excellent choice for women seeking a distinctive and lasting scent.

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