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CK One Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Harry Frémont

Key Notes of CK One Summer 2013

What Does CK One Summer 2013 Smell Like

CK One Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein starts off with an unmistakably pronounced scent of ripe watermelon, delivering a fresh and vibrant opening. This is layered subtly with the green, leafy undertones, lending the fragrance an earthy edge. The citrusy bite of lemon, though not as dominant, is still detectable, adding zest and lightness to the fragrance.

As the perfume evolves, an aquatic freshness emerges, brought on by the presence of water mint and waterlily. These notes infuse the fragrance with a cooling, calm sensibility, reminiscent of a tranquil pond on a hot summer day. The unexpected hint of cucumber imparts a crisp freshness, while the faint spice of caraway is just perceptible, adding a nuanced complexity.

As the scent settles, the base notes come into play. Moss contributes a damp, earthy quality which grounds this perfume, lending it a sense of maturity. The musk, though only mildly detectable, infuses a soft, almost animalistic depth to the perfume. The woody notes are very faint, almost indiscernible, merely whispering in the background.

In summary, CK One Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein is a fresh, citrusy fragrance with notable aquatic, fruity, and green characteristics, reminiscent of a lush summer day spent by a serene, dewy lake.

Review of CK One Summer 2013

Calvin Klein's CK One Summer 2013 edition is a fragrance that captures the essence of the warmer seasons, providing an escape into a world of refreshing citrus and aquatic notes. Designed to be unisex, it has a slightly more noticeable appeal among men, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a scent that doesn't conform strictly to traditional gender-based fragrance norms.

The perfume starts with a noticeable burst of watermelon and lemon, both of which are synonymous with summer. These top notes blend effortlessly into a heart filled with the cool, calming essence of water mint and water lily. The base is lined with a subtle hint of moss and musk, grounding the perfume with an earthy undertone that is both soothing and familiar.

CK One Summer 2013 is predominantly a daytime fragrance, suited ideally for leisure or casual business settings. Its fresh and uplifting character makes it a great companion for sporting activities, giving you that extra boost of freshness. The fragrance leans towards being more appropriate for summer and spring, mirroring the lively energy of these seasons.

However, the perfume may not be the first choice for those seeking a long-lasting scent. Its moderate sillage suggests that it's most effective in close encounters, perhaps not lasting as long as one may hope in social settings. And while it doesn't scream evening elegance, it's a reliable, everyday scent that adds a touch of summer joy to your routine, regardless of the season.

In summary, CK One Summer 2013 from Calvin Klein is a refreshing, easy-going fragrance with a clear summer vibe. Despite its longevity and sillage shortcomings, its playful blend of notes makes it an appealing choice for those looking to add a touch of freshness and zest to their day.

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