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CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Pierre Negrin

Key Notes of CK One Summer 2016

What Does CK One Summer 2016 Smell Like

CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein sports a distinct, crisp scent that is hard to miss. The fragrance opens with a welcoming note of green apple, lending a juicy, slightly tart aroma that invigorates the senses. A simultaneous hint of mojito overlays the apple notes, infusing the fragrance with a fresh minty essence overlaid with a subtle lime undertone.

As the initial notes begin to gracefully fade, the heart of the perfume starts to bloom. Here, juniper springs forward, its pine-like scent prominent, reminiscent of a forest in the morning. The tartness of green apple melts nicely into the fragrant guava, with its tropical, sweet essence coming forward, creating a lush and vibrant heart. Yet, the fragrance remains softly downplayed with tiaré's elusive hint, a Tahitian gardenia with a slightly sweet, floral smell.

As the perfume continues to develop, the depth of the base notes emerges. The creamy, subtly sweet aroma of coconut milk emanates, providing a soft and comforting foundation. Cedarwood adds a touch of warm, resinous woodiness to the fragrance, grounding the tropical fruitiness with its calming effect. A final touch of tree moss gives a damp, earthy finish to the perfume, leaving a lingering smell of a forest walk after a summer rainfall.

Review of CK One Summer 2016

CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein is a lively unisex fragrance that captures the spirit of summer in a bottle. Its appeal leans slightly more towards men, but it doesn't shy away from its universal allure. This perfume is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves fresh, clean scents and doesn't mind standing out in a crowd.

Its strength lies in the invigorating blend of green apple and mojito, which gives it a refreshing bite. You might feel like you've stepped into a lush orchard or a lively beachside bar, the kind of places where the air feels crisp, and the atmosphere is electric. However, it's worth noting that this bold freshness doesn't last all day. Its longevity could use a bit of a boost.

The fruity undertones, specifically the guava, shines through as the fragrance begins to settle, adding an unexpected but pleasant twist. The sweetness is then subtly tempered by the aquatic notes, preventing it from becoming overpoweringly sugary.

Considering its energetic vibe, CK One Summer 2016 is ideal for casual settings or a brisk morning jog. It's the kind of scent that feels right at home in the daylight, under the clear blue sky, or by the poolside. But remember, this is not a fragrance that will fill a room. Its sillage is a bit subtle, staying close to the skin, making it more of a personal scent.

In terms of value, this Calvin Klein creation does not disappoint. It is a vibrant fragrance that encapsulates the freshness of summer, at a price point that is quite reasonable. Just be prepared to reapply throughout the day to keep that energetic summer vibe going.

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