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Contradiction by Calvin Klein

Contradiction by Calvin Klein
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1997
Perfumer: Ann Gottlieb

Key Notes of Contradiction

What Does Contradiction Smell Like

Contradiction by Calvin Klein starts off with a floral bouquet, where the dominant peony mingles with the delicate scents of lily and lily of the valley. Orchid and rose lend their exotic and classic nuances respectively, rounded off with a gentle whisper of mock-orange. This initial floral burst slowly transitions into the heart of the fragrance, which introduces an unexpected yet pleasant contrast. Cool eucalyptus and sweet jasmine blend seamlessly, with subtle hints of ripe blackberry and fresh pear peeking through. The soft, almost hidden, lilac note adds an extra layer of floral complexity.

As the perfume settles on the skin, it reveals a woody and slightly oriental base. The creamy sweetness of tonka bean takes center stage, amplified by the warm, almost milky scent of sandalwood. A touch of musk brings an undercurrent of sensuality to the mix. In spite of the many contrasting notes, Contradiction by Calvin Klein manages to weave them together into a cohesive and intriguing scent, living up to its name. The final result is a fragrance that's floral, spicy, woody, and fresh all at once, with an oriental twist.

Review of Contradiction

Contradiction by Calvin Klein is a blend of diverse notes that creates a perfume meant primarily for women. It opens with an interesting floral aroma, which, over time, subtly transforms into a layer of spicier undertones. The woody and fresh attributes add depth to the scent, making it a great choice for those who appreciate complexity. The oriental note adds a hint of mystery while the fruity and sweet elements lend it a hint of playfulness. A soft powdery finish seals the fragrance, producing a comforting effect that lasts.

This perfume is well-suited for spring and fall seasons, its warmth seamlessly blending with the transitional weather. Ideal for daily wear, it can also work well for business settings, leisurely outings, and evening use. Contradiction has a moderate longevity and sillage, so it will likely stay with you throughout your day without overwhelming those around you. Its value for the price makes it a good investment for those seeking a multifaceted fragrance.

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