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Encounter by Calvin Klein

Encounter by Calvin Klein
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2012

Key Notes of Encounter

What Does Encounter Smell Like

Upon first encounter with Encounter by Calvin Klein, the refreshing burst of mandarin orange zest mingles effortlessly with the warm spice of cardamom, creating a lively and adventurous opening. It evokes the intriguing sensation of a freshly peeled citrus fruit in one hand and a spiced rum cocktail in the other.

As the initial vivacity subsides, the fragrance evolves into a more mature, complex bouquet. Notes of rich cognac rise to the surface, adding a robust, intoxicating depth, while hints of aromatic patchouli and jasmine introduce a subtle floral dimension. The scent of pepper lingers in the background, providing a subtly sharp contrast that cuts through the intoxicating blend.

As the scent settles, it exudes an earthy, woody fragrance that acts as a grounding base. The hearty musk note is reminiscent of freshly tanned leather. The rare and precious oud imparts a deep, resinous aroma, which is softened by the gentle, woody undertone of cedarwood.

In essence, Encounter is a complex and evocative fragrance, starting off with bright and zesty notes, darkening into a warmly spiced heart, before finally settling into a deeply woody base. It's an exploration in contrasts and a journey through the olfactory senses.

Review of Encounter

Calvin Klein's Encounter is a decidedly masculine scent, predominantly worn by men. Its formulation leans into a heady blend of woody and spicy notes, setting it apart from some of the more common fresh and citrusy perfumes. Concocted with a hint of sweetness and a dash of fruitiness, it manages to avoid being overpoweringly heavy or cloying. Its synthetic undertones may not appeal to everyone, but they certainly add an interesting twist to the overall profile.

With its strongest showing in the fall season, it seems to complement the warmth and coziness of autumn perfectly. Its versatility shines through, making it suitable for both daily wear and for leisure activities. It's also deemed appropriate for the business environment, providing an air of confidence without coming across too strong. While it may not be a top choice for summer or sports activities, it holds its own for evenings out or night-time events. Despite its average longevity and sillage, its overall value makes it a worthy consideration.

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