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Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Perfumer: Bruno Jovanovic

Key Notes of Endless Euphoria

What Does Endless Euphoria Smell Like

Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein opens with a distinct, aromatic scent of cherry blossom that immediately grabs your attention. The sweet undertone of mandarin orange lends a juicy quality to the scent, making it bright and inviting. A hint of bergamot adds an edge to the opening with its slightly tart citric scent.

As the fragrance evolves, you get a rich, full-bodied, floral heart. The fragrance emits a prominent rose aroma that fills the surrounding air with a sweet, romantic smell. The lilac note brings a soft, powdery scent that perfectly complements the rose, while the violet lends a delicate, almost shy, sweetness to the blend.

The perfume settles into a base that is both earthy and relaxing. Sandalwood gives a warm, creamy, woody aroma that grounds the scent. Subtle nuances of bamboo add a slight green freshness, while the musk gives the perfume a sensual background that stays close to the skin. Every whiff of this perfume offers an immersive experience of floral, fruity freshness with a touch of sweetness and an earthy base.

Review of Endless Euphoria

Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein is a perfume that's softly spoken, with a certain freshness that makes it an ideal choice for the warmer months. It's clear that this scent was designed with spring and summer in mind. Its floral and fruity blend, spearheaded by cherry blossom and mandarin orange, gives it a light airy feel, just like a breezy day in a blooming orchard.

This perfume is popular among women for its softness and subtlety. It doesn't announce its presence loudly but rather, it offers a more intimate experience. The scent isn't overwhelming, making it a perfect daily wear. It's suitable for a day at the office, or a casual outing with friends.

However, the perfume has its limitations. Its staying power may not be as enduring as some might wish. It's not a scent that will linger all day, so you may find yourself reaching for the bottle for a refresh during the day.

Its value is reasonable. While not the most luxurious on the market, the quality aligns with its price point, making it a good choice for those who are looking for an everyday perfume without breaking the bank.

In summary, Endless Euphoria is a gentle reminder of spring and summer days. Its light floral and fruity scent, coupled with its subtlety, makes it a great choice for the everyday woman. However, its longevity may leave something to be desired, so those looking for a scent that lasts may need to look elsewhere.

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