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Eternity Intense by Calvin Klein

Eternity Intense by Calvin Klein
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Eternity Intense

What Does Eternity Intense Smell Like

Calvin Klein's Eternity Intense opens with a bright, citrus scent from the bergamot, but this quickly gives way to a stronger floral aroma. The distinct, sweet scent of iris is the most noticeable at first, rounded out slightly by the fainter fragrance of blossoms. As the initial floral rush starts to mellow, the heart of the perfume starts to emerge. Here, the scent of orris concrete, reminiscent of violets with undertones of starchy root, becomes noticeable. It's paired beautifully with the light, fresh floral scent of osmanthus and an undertone of rose which provides a classic, recognizable floral note.

As the perfume settles, the base notes start to make their presence known. A soft, yet animalistic scent of musk is noticeable, adding depth to the perfume without being overpowering. Vanilla brings in a sweet, comforting scent, reminiscent of baking and warmth, while benzoin provides a rich, resinous scent that's similar to vanilla but with a slight spiciness.

Eternity Intense is decidedly floral overall, but the addition of powdery, sweet, creamy, and synthetic notes makes it more complex. The balance between the different scents changes over time, leaving the final impression as a musky, vanilla-infused floral perfume.

Review of Eternity Intense

Calvin Klein's Eternity Intense is an alluring perfume that predominantly appeals to mature women, perfect for those seeking an intense fragrance with a lingering sweet floral essence. This perfume's beauty lies in its intricacies; the blend of floral, powdery, and sweet scents creates a mesmerizing aura that is hard to resist.

The fragrance opens with a bold but not overpowering note of iris, which quickly settles down to reveal the underlying sweetness. The powdery notes mix with this sweetness, creating a creamy heart. Meanwhile, the woody, fruity, and spicy undertones lend a bit of complexity, preventing Eternity Intense from being overly sweet or floral.

The fragrance is versatile, suitable for a variety of seasons with a slight leaning toward fall and spring, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a signature scent. Its muted sillage makes it most suitable for daily use, business meetings, or leisurely occasions; it's a scent that whispers rather than shouts.

However, the perfume's longevity isn't its strongest suit. While it doesn't disappear quickly, those who prefer a fragrance that lasts all day may find themselves reaching for a mid-day top-up. That said, the overall value of Eternity Intense is substantial. It's a reasonably priced, high-quality fragrance from a well-respected brand.

If you're a woman who appreciates an enigmatic blend of floral, sweet, and powdery notes, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Intense is a worthy consideration. Its appealing scent profile may have a few quirks, but its allure is undeniable.

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