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Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015

Key Notes of Eternity Now for Men

What Does Eternity Now for Men Smell Like

Eternity Now for Men by Calvin Klein opens with a soft, tropical touch of coconut water, adding a sweet and slightly milky element to the scent. This initial sweetness is complemented by a zesty hint of ginger that's tempered by a mild, slightly spicy undertone of star anise. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals the green, softly aromatic nuance of cedar leaf paired with the unique, light sweetness of starfruit. The earthy depth of patchouli subtly weaves through these middle notes.

As it settles on the skin, this Calvin Klein creation ends with a smooth, woody base. The rich creaminess of bourbon vanilla emerges, followed by the robust, slightly resinous scent of Atlas cedar. The slightly sweet, warm aroma of tonka bean punctuates the base, enhancing the overall charm of the perfume.

Altogether, Eternity Now for Men presents a pleasant blend of sweet and spicy notes, fresh fruitiness, and woody undertones. The inclusion of synthetic notes provides a modern twist, ensuring the fragrance stays contemporary and appealing. It's a fragrance that reflects the confident man who enjoys a scent with enduring character.

Review of Eternity Now for Men

Calvin Klein's Eternity Now for Men, launched in 2015, is a dynamic and engaging fragrance that resonates most with a modern man who isn't afraid to show his softer, more sensual side. The scent's notable sweetness, with an underlying fruity essence, makes it a pleasant and interesting choice for those who want to break away from the conventional woody and spicy men's fragrances.

The perfume unfolds with an unconventional, tropical opening of coconut water, an unexpected yet pleasant surprise that adds an exotic touch. This is underpinned by the warmth of ginger, creating a stimulating start. As it evolves, the heart of the fragrance introduces a hint of freshness with cedar leaf and starfruit, with an earthy touch of patchouli to keep the scent grounded.

The perfume has reasonable longevity, withstanding a good part of the day and subtly drawing people in without overwhelming their senses. However, it might not be the best choice if you're looking for a scent that leaves a strong trail or lasts all through the night.

Eternity Now works well in milder seasons like spring and fall, where its sweet, fresh profile can truly shine. It's versatile enough for casual outings, daily wear, and even for a relaxed business meeting. However, it might not quite cut it for those high-stakes evenings or night-outs where a more commanding presence is required.

In conclusion, Eternity Now for Men is a pleasant, easy-to-wear perfume that offers a refreshing break from the typical masculine fragrances. However, its longevity and sillage might not meet the expectations of those seeking a more enduring, intense scent.

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