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Eternity Now by Calvin Klein

Eternity Now by Calvin Klein
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015

Key Notes of Eternity Now

What Does Eternity Now Smell Like

Eternity Now by Calvin Klein begins with a strikingly sweet and crisp scent, reminiscent of ripe lychees freshly picked from the tree, and the cool, sugary rush of quince sorbet. This aromatic opening gradually softens, revealing the perfume's heart: a floral bouquet where the tender, slightly citrus-like fragrance of peach blossom takes the lead. Alongside it, you'll notice the subtler floral notes of peony and neroli, adding a touch of softness and a faint whisper of bitterness.

As the perfume continues to develop on the skin, it transitions into its final phase. Here, the musk note comes forward, lending a warm, skin-like quality to the scent. This is accompanied by the richer, slightly sweet and resinous scent of cashmere, which adds depth and texture to the composition. Lingering in the background is a hint of Ambrox, its slightly oceanic, amber-like scent veering towards the synthetic, but still managing to feel clean and modern. In its entirety, Eternity Now by Calvin Klein offers a scent journey that moves from juicy, fruity sweetness, through delicate floralcy, and into a comforting, musky depth.

Review of Eternity Now

Calvin Klein's Eternity Now is a scent that captures the essence of joyous, youthful love. With a target audience primarily consisting of women, this perfume presents a fruity-floral combination that strikes a pleasing balance without becoming overpoweringly sweet or synthetic.

Upon the first spray, the scent of lychee and quince sorbet provides a fresh and fruity burst, making it appealing for daytime wear. This perfume would be an excellent addition to a spring or summer day, with its fresh undertones resonating with the warmer seasons' vibrant energy.

As it settles on the skin, the sweet aroma of peach blossom begins to shine through, softening the initial fruity burst and lending it an air of femininity. The middle notes of neroli and peony further enhance this impression, giving the scent a gentle complexity.

Surprisingly, Eternity Now maintains its freshness quite well into the dry down, thanks to the clean musk and cozy cashmere base notes. However, its longevity and sillage may disappoint those who prefer stronger, more potent scents. This perfume's subtlety could be seen as a drawback for those seeking a bold, statement-making fragrance. But for others, it might be a selling point, especially those who prefer a more personal, close-to-skin scent.

In terms of value, Eternity Now offers a pleasing and versatile scent profile at a reasonable price. While it is best suited for daily use and leisurely occasions, its soft floral heart could make it appropriate for certain business settings.

Like the promise of a new love, Eternity Now by Calvin Klein is a delightful journey of discovery. Its fresh and sweet, yet softly floral composition makes it a charming choice for those who appreciate understated elegance in their fragrances.

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