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Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011

Key Notes of Forbidden Euphoria

What Does Forbidden Euphoria Smell Like

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein opens with a vibrant, tangy scent. The initial smell is predominantly a soft, aromatic peach blossom, accentuated by the sweet, citrusy scent of mandarin orange. There's also a trace of raspberry, which adds a subtle touch of tartness to the perfume's opening.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart introduces a floral character. The sweet, rosy scent of pink peony is the most pronounced, blending seamlessly with the rich, exotic aroma of jasmine. A faint whiff of the rare tiger orchid adds an intriguing depth to the middle notes.

In the dry down, Forbidden Euphoria reveals its woody and musky facets. The smell of cashmere wood, smooth and slightly sweet, is evident, creating a comforting, velvety feel to the perfume. In addition, there's a prominent presence of musk, adding a warm, animalistic nuance. The scent of patchouli, however, is barely noticeable, just enough to add a hint of earthiness to the overall composition.

The profile of Forbidden Euphoria paints a picture of a perfume that's predominantly fruity and floral, with sweet and powdery aspects, and a synthetic touch that amplifies its modern character. It's a fragrance that has a definite femininity to it without being overwhelmingly sweet or cloying.

Review of Forbidden Euphoria

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein is a feminine scent that dances between fruity and floral tones, making it an alluring option for modern women. Its scent profile leans towards the fruity end with a punchy peach blossom introduction, delightfully invigorated by hints of mandarin orange and raspberry. As you wear it, these vibrant top notes give way to a more delicate heart of pink peony, jasmine, and tiger orchid, offering an intriguing blend that's neither too sweet nor too floral.

This perfume suits a variety of occasions. Whether you're running daily errands, enjoying a leisurely weekend, or heading to a casual business meeting, Forbidden Euphoria fits the bill. It's a fragrance that doesn't shout for attention. Instead, it leaves a subtle scent trail that's pleasantly noticeable without being overpowering. However, it may not make a strong statement for evening events or nights out due to its moderate sillage.

In terms of longevity, Forbidden Euphoria offers average wear-time. It will get you through the day, but don't expect it to last from dawn till dusk. Its endurance could be better, but it's decent enough for the price point.

As for seasonal suitability, this perfume shines in the transitional seasons of fall and spring when its fruity-floral fusion seems just right. It can also work in winter, although the chill might slightly mute its charm. The heat of summer might make it a tad overpowering, making it less suitable for those scorching months.

In conclusion, Calvin Klein's Forbidden Euphoria is a pleasant and versatile scent for women who appreciate a fruity-floral blend. It's not without its flaws, but its appealing scent profile and generous versatility make it worth considering.

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