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Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera
Concentration: Eau de Parfum Suprême
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020

What Does Good Girl Smell Like

The aroma of Good Girl by Carolina Herrera opens with an initial, vibrant whiff of wild berries. This sweet and tangy blend of fruits immediately sets the stage for a playful, lively scent experience. It then evolves to reveal a softer floral layer, dominated by the exotic sensuality of Egyptian jasmine. The jasmine injects a subtle headiness, creating a juxtaposing floral depth to the preceding fruitiness.

As the perfume develops, it transitions into a more complex stage with the introduction of roasted tonka bean and tuberose. The tonka bean, with its mild, nutty hint, subtly warms up the fragrance. Its roasted facet adds an enticing, toasted undertone, complementing the creamy, sweet tuberose, which offers a mellow floral touch.

In the final stage, Good Girl takes a grounded turn, finishing with a solid base of vetiver. The vetiver lends an earthy, woody note, which anchors the entire composition beautifully, ensuring the blend doesn't become overly sweet or floral. It provides a soothing dry-down, resulting in a fragrance that is sweet yet grounded, floral, and charmingly fruity with a cozy, gourmand touch.

Review of Good Girl

Carolina Herrera's Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême is a delightful concoction that exudes a distinct aura of sweet sophistication and playful femininity. It is definitely a perfume that commands attention. Its rich, sweet profile, blended with floral and fruity elements, ticks all the boxes for women who prefer a more powerful scent. The noticeable wild berries and Egyptian jasmine create a captivating opening, while the roasted tonka bean and tuberose in the heart of the perfume add an exotic depth.

As for the seasons, it carries a certain warmth that makes it perfect for the crisp fall and cold winter months, although, it can certainly be worn in the spring. It is more suited for evening wear and nights out, proving a head-turner in social gatherings and parties. However, don't be shy to wear it during a casual day out or even in a more formal business setting. It's versatile enough to fit in a range of scenarios.

Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême is not a fleeting scent. It lingers for a considerable duration, leaving a trail of its aromatic charm wherever you go. However, it's not overpoweringly strong, striking a nice balance between being noticeable and not being overwhelming.

While Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême is a fantastic perfume, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Its bold character might not suit those who prefer lighter, fresher fragrances. Also, the value for the price could be better, especially considering the longevity, which could honestly be a bit more enduring.

In conclusion, Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême by Carolina Herrera is a confident, feminine, and sensuous perfume, a solid choice.

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