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Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of Very Good Girl

What Does Very Good Girl Smell Like

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera opens with a vibrant fruity scent, driven by the bold aroma of ripe currant. This initial rush of fruitiness is tempered by the softer, less assertive fragrance of lychee, which adds a tropical sweetness. As the initial fruitiness begins to mellow, the heart note of rose emerges. This singular floral note lends a classic femininity to the perfume, invoking images of lush, velvety petals. As the rose scent blossoms, it intertwines with the base notes to create a more complex aroma. The earthy scent of vetiver grounds the perfume, lending it a rooty, slightly bitter freshness. Simultaneously, the warm, rich smell of bourbon vanilla emerges, providing a sumptuous sweetness that lingers on the skin. The combination of these notes results in a perfume that smells undeniably fruity and sweet, but also fresh, with synthetic undertones adding a modern, somewhat edgy touch. The overall effect is an appealing blend of traditional and contemporary. The sweet and floral elements create a classic feminine scent, while the fresh and synthetic notes add a modern twist.

Review of Very Good Girl

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, a scent released in 2021, is predominantly a women's fragrance that reflects a fruity, sweet, and floral profile. The scent is harmoniously blended, taking you on a ride from the refreshing citrusy fruits to a heart of mellow flowers, before settling into a powdery, creamy base. It manages to convey a synthetic note somewhere in between, which gives it an edge of modernity. This fragrance is ideal for embracing the daylight hours of spring, reinforcing the season's vibrancy and renewal. It also fits well into the warmth of a summer day, and the crisp air of fall, with a subtle nod to winter. Very Good Girl comes into its own in leisure situations, complementing the relaxed, carefree vibe. It's also suited for a night out, adding a touch of fun and excitement, and seamlessly transitions into evening wear. It's a bit less suited for daily wear or business settings, but still manageable. The value for this perfume is reasonable, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a versatile scent.

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