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Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herrera
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022

Key Notes of Very Good Girl Glam

What Does Very Good Girl Glam Smell Like

Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herrera opens with a confident and bold aroma of ripe black cherry, its luscious, juicy sweetness intensified by a subtle whisper of bitter almond, adding an intriguing, slightly nutty edge. The fragrance then evolves, revealing a heart where the soft, feminine scent of rose water comes to the fore. There's a hint of lily, too, but it's a gentle suggestion rather than a commanding presence, merely lending a delicate floral backdrop to the more dominant rose. As time goes by, the perfume settles down, morphing into a base that's tantalizingly creamy and smooth. Here, the star of the show is definitely the bourbon vanilla, with its rich, indulgent sweetness. Meanwhile, vetiver adds a touch of earthy depth. It's a bottom note that's pleasantly grounding, countering the overt sweetness of the vanilla and preventing the fragrance from becoming too cloying or overwhelmingly sugary. Overall, the fragrance creates an impression of being fruity, sweet, and floral, further enhanced by synthetic and creamy nuances. It's a scent journey that feels fun yet refined, playful yet distinguished, making Very Good Girl Glam a delightful exploration of contrasts.

Review of Very Good Girl Glam

Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herrera is a perfume that seems to have been crafted with a certain woman in mind — confident, playful, and unfailingly feminine. This perfume strikes a delightful chord with its vibrant fruity and sweet notes that appeal primarily to women, particularly those who lean towards more playful, outgoing fragrances.

The scent profile is quite bold and distinctive, with fruity and floral notes dominating. The rich undercurrent of black cherry combined with the sweet nuance of bitter almond offers a luscious, ripe aroma. This is softened by the presence of rose water and lily, adding a touch of freshness and floral elegance.

When it comes to staying power, Very Good Girl Glam doesn't disappoint. It lingers subtly on the skin, making it a good companion for those long evenings or night outs. However, it does not overwhelm, which lets it transition effortlessly into a casual, daytime fragrance as well.

While its scent type is predominantly fruity and sweet, Very Good Girl Glam might be a bit too intense for those who prefer subtle, minimalist fragrances. It also leans heavily towards cooler seasons, particularly spring and fall, possibly because the sweet and fruity notes might feel too dense in the summer heat.

In terms of value, it might not be the best fit for those on a tight budget. Despite this, for the woman who enjoys a mix of fruity sweetness with a floral undertone, and doesn't mind an intense fragrance, Very Good Girl Glam could be a lovely addition to her collection.

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