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Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron

Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1985
Perfumer: Akiko Kamei
Brand: Caron

Key Notes of Le 3ᵉ Homme

What Does Le 3ᵉ Homme Smell Like

Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron for women opens with a zesty, vibrant splash of bergamot and lemon, making an immediate impression. A subtle hint of mandarin orange adds an extra layer of citrusy freshness that gently fades into the heart of the perfume.

At its core, the scent reveals a rich, warm blend of spices. The scent of clove takes the lead here, adding a deep and intriguing spicy note that contrasts beautifully with the initial citrus burst. The addition of lavender and coriander brings an herbaceous twist, creating a mysteriously green middle ground.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes emerge, grounding the fragrance with a woody undertone. Oakmoss gives a mossy, earthy character, while vetiver adds a smoky, slightly sweet dimension. The woody notes provide a solid foundation for the rest of the composition, rounding out the scent with an underlying richness.

In conclusion, Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron is a complex blend of citrus, spice, and wood. It is a blend that starts with a lively citrus burst, descends into a spicy heart, and finally settles into a green, woody base.

Review of Le 3ᵉ Homme

Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron, launched in 1985, is a bold and invigorating perfume, predominantly tailored towards men. Its scent profile leads with a stimulating spicy note, followed by a refreshing green undertone that beautifully balances the initial piquancy. Floral, fougère, and woody components then come into play, adding depth and complexity. The hint of citrus adds a lively kick, while the powdery, sweet elements and chypre notes provide a rich, full-bodied finish.

This is a perfume that responds well to the crispness of fall and the rejuvenating aura of spring, but it's versatile enough to wear in summer and winter too. Perfect for casual days out, it can also hold its own in a business environment or during a night out. In terms of longevity and sillage, it holds up well throughout the day without being too overwhelming. For a scent that's robust, lively, and full of character, Le 3ᵉ Homme by Caron is worth considering.

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