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N°22 by Chanel

N°22 by Chanel
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Jacques Polge
Brand: Chanel

What Does N°22 Smell Like

N°22 by Chanel opens with a distinctly clean and bright scent, courtesy of aldehydes. The initial blast is then softened by the delicate sweetness of lily of the valley and a trace of beautifully distinct neroli. The first encounter with this scent is a welcome freshness, evoking a sense of blooming flowers in a spring garden.

As the perfume evolves, the heart notes reveal themselves. The floral character is intensified by a generous addition of rose and ylang-ylang. Both of these notes bring forward a scent that is rich, yet neither too sweet nor too heady. Along with them, the light touch of jasmine weaves its way through, peppering the perfume with a subtly exotic, yet airy aroma.

Finally, as the perfume fully settles, the base notes of vanilla and vetiver come to the foreground. The vanilla adds a creamy sweetness, like a comforting blanket of warmth, while the vetiver introduces a dash of earthiness, grounding the scent and providing a gentle hint of the outdoors. It's a soothing, soft finish to a fragrance that begins with brightness and blossoms into a lush garden, where each floral note is given room to shine.

Review of N°22

N°22 by Chanel, an eau de parfum formulation, is a notable scent for women who appreciate the floral character in their fragrances. Released in 2016, this perfume majestically captures the essence of various flowers, notably lily of the valley and rose, which lend it a classic charm. The composition includes a powdery note, resulting in an interesting contrast against the luminous floral accord.

The scent's creamy warmth, subtly touched by a freshness, and the soft whisper of spices, makes it versatile for different wearers and occasions. However, it leans more towards the mature women audience, as the scent may come across as a bit too sophisticated for a younger demographic.

The perfume's versatility extends to the seasons it can be worn. While the floral notes make it perfect for spring, the creamy and spicy nuances make it cozy for fall and winter. In summer, its fresh aspect could be quite charming. It's a perfect choice for ladies who like to keep their fragrance consistent across different seasons.

In terms of longevity, N°22 performs fairly well. It lasts long enough to take you through most of your day, but may require a mid-day top-up for a continuous scent trail. As for projection, the sillage is moderate, which makes it suitable for office settings or business meetings, as well as leisure and evening occasions.

However, the value for money aspect of N°22 may be a sticking point for some. Chanel is a high-end brand, and this perfume is no exception. While it delivers quality, it does come with a hefty price tag. It is a perfume to consider if you're looking for a luxurious, versatile, and timeless scent, and don't mind investing a bit in your fragrance collection.

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