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N°1 L'Eau Rouge by Chanel

N°1 L'Eau Rouge by Chanel
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Olivier Polge
Brand: Chanel

Key Notes of N°1 L'Eau Rouge

What Does N°1 L'Eau Rouge Smell Like

N°1 L'Eau Rouge by Chanel first greets you with a lively concoction of ripe red fruits and zest-filled citrus. The fruity introduction is noticeable but not overpowering; think of a ripe basket of cherries, strawberries, and a twist of lemon peel. It presents a bright and lively scent profile, guaranteed to catch your attention.

As it begins to evolve on the skin, the floral heart of the perfume makes its appearance. Amidst a garden of freshness, soft rose petals unfurl, their scent delicate and pure. This is closely followed by a wave of jasmine, its intoxicating fragrance adding a layer of warmth and depth to the bouquet. The floral blend is rich and creamy, like smooth floral honey, adding a touch of sweetness to the perfume.

As the scent journey concludes, you'll find the warmth of the musk enveloping you, a soft wrap that lingers on the skin. The musk is subtle, adding a creamy, powdery undertone. Complementing it is the iris, its faint, velvety scent reminiscent of the tender touch of powdery makeup.

In conclusion, N°1 L'Eau Rouge by Chanel is a fruity, floral fusion with a creamy musk base, a bouquet of scents that contrast yet complement each other beautifully.

Review of N°1 L'Eau Rouge

N°1 L'Eau Rouge by Chanel is a journey of olfactory exploration that captures the essence of femininity. Released in 2022, it is predominantly targeted towards women and has quickly garnered an appreciable share of admirers. Its floral and creamy scent profile strikes a chord with those who appreciate a sophisticated, yet soft aura.

The perfume opens with subtle red and citrus fruits, creating an instant sense of freshness. As it transitions into the heart, the floral notes of rose and jasmine take over, adding a level of elegance to the fragrance. The base notes of musk and iris provide a warm, comforting anchor to the scent, making it highly suitable for those who prefer a more understated fragrance.

Favored for spring and summer wear, this perfume can take you from casual brunches to business meetings with its versatile scent profile. However, it may not be for those who prefer a strong, dominating fragrance. Due to the scent not lasting all day, which could be a downside for some.

N°1 L'Eau Rouge is a testament to Chanel’s ability to create a scent that is familiar yet distinctive.It may not be the most affordable option out there, but for those who value quality and the Chanel brand, it could be a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, this perfume is a tribute to the modern woman - elegant, confident, and versatile. However, its longevity and sillage may fall short for some, making it a fragrance best suited for close encounters and intimate settings rather than grand occasions.

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