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Paris - Riviera by Chanel

Paris - Riviera by Chanel
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Olivier Polge
Brand: Chanel

Key Notes of Paris - Riviera

What Does Paris - Riviera Smell Like

Paris - Riviera by Chanel is a unisex fragrance that opens with a dominant, zesty punch of tangy orange zest. The citrus is vivid, lively, and complemented by a mild, greenish aroma from petitgrain. As it settles, a robust impression of neroli emerges. The neroli is floral yet with a citrusy undertone, creating a heart that is both soothing and energetic. A subtle hint of jasmine lingers in the backdrop, adding a layer of soft, sweet floral undertone to the mix without overpowering the neroli. As the scent continues to unfold, a base of musk and benzoin emerges. The musk anchors the fragrance with its warm, animalic scent, while the benzoin adds a creamy, vanilla-like sweetness that rounds out the fragrance. The overall scent profile is bright and floral with a creamy, slightly sweet finish. Paris - Riviera is a fragrance that evokes the freshness of citrus groves, the vibrancy of blooming flowers and the warmth of a subtle, sweet finish.

Review of Paris - Riviera

Chanel's Paris - Riviera, released in 2019, is a perfume that appeals to a broad audience but has a slight edge towards women. Its standout trait is a floral heart, paving the way for an invigorating freshness that is enhanced by a citrus twist. This blend makes it an ideal scent for spring and summer days. The creamy undertone adds a layer of depth and warmth to the blend, while the fruity note gives it a playful edge. On the other hand, the green and powdery elements are less dominant but lend a gentle earthiness and a soft, comforting finish. This perfume is versatile for various settings, from casual outings to daily activities and even slightly formal business environments. However, it's not particularly suited for winter or night outs due to its freshness and vibrancy. In terms of longevity, it's decent but not outstanding, requiring intermittent reapplication. Similarly, its sillage is moderate, making it suitable for those who prefer a more intimate scent trail.

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