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Chloé Rose Naturelle by Chloé

Chloé Rose Naturelle by Chloé
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Michel Almairac
Brand: Chloé

What Does Chloé Rose Naturelle Smell Like

Chloé Rose Naturelle by Chloé opens with a vivid and clean scent, highlighting a blackcurrant bud absolute’s sharp greenness mixed with the light tartness of citron. This initial olfactory impression gives way to a more floral heart. The distinctive freshness and slight bitterness of Moroccan neroli melds with the soft sweetness and slightly spicy undertones of Bulgarian rose, creating an intoxicatingly crisp and authentic flower garden aroma. The perfume concludes on a slightly warmer note. The base is marked by the intimate scent of mimosa absolute - with its sweet, powdery, and slightly honey-like character - which is contrasted by the dry, earthy and subtly resinous touch of cedarwood. This combination creates a pleasantly surprising twist, providing a woody undertone that grounds the perfume's brighter bouquet. Chloé Rose Naturelle by Chloé offers a genuine journey, from the invigorating green and citrusy beginning to the floral heart, finally landing in a calm and serene woody base-marked by mimosa and cedar. The result is a perfume that captures nature's spectrum, from the zest of fruits, the beauty of blossoms, to the comfort of woods.

Review of Chloé Rose Naturelle

Chloé Rose Naturelle is a modern, feminine fragrance that seems to hit a sweet spot among women for its fresh, floral, and slightly green scent profile. Unveiled in 2021, this perfume carries the distinctive vibes of spring and summer, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a perfume to match the vibrancy of these seasons.

The scent opens with a delightful freshness, courtesy of the subtle hints of citron and blackcurrant bud absolute, which gradually gives way to a heart of Moroccan neroli and Bulgarian rose. The depth of this perfume lies in its base where Mimosa absolute and cedarwood unite to provide a slightly woody undertone.

Dipped in floral freshness and touched by green tones, it is ideal for daytime wear, be it for business meetings, casual outings, or even a sporty day. The scent, however, lacks the intensity needed for a night out or an evening event, which is one of its shortcomings.

The longevity and sillage are moderate, meaning the scent might not last for an entire day and might require occasional reapplication. Moreover, it may not leave a strong scent trail. This could be a downside if you are looking for a perfume that announces your arrival.

Despite these drawbacks, the perfume offers decent value for money. It does not shout but rather whispers with its understated elegance and natural charm. Chloé Rose Naturelle strikes as an ideal choice for women who prefer a perfume that is fresh, floral but not overpowering. It’s like a soft melody that harmoniously blends with your persona enhancing your natural aura. It's not a statement-maker, but it's a lovely companion for your daily endeavors.

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