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Love, Chloé by Chloé

Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Brand: Chloé

Key Notes of Love, Chloé

What Does Love, Chloé Smell Like

Love, Chloé by Chloé is a women's perfume that exudes a powdery and floral aroma with hints of sweetness, freshness, and spiciness. Upon the first whiff, the fragrance opens with a gentle touch of orange blossom that brings a light and fresh aspect to the scent. This is accompanied by a subtle hint of pink pepper, adding a mild spice to the mix without being overpowering.

As the perfume settles, the heart of the fragrance reveals a bouquet of various flowers. The most dominant floral notes are heliotrope, hyacinth, and lilac, which create a soft and delicate essence. These are complemented by subtle touches of iris and wisteria, adding depth and complexity to the overall scent.

The base of Love, Chloé is predominantly characterized by a strong presence of talcum, which gives the perfume its signature powdery quality that lingers throughout its wear. This is accompanied by musk, providing a warm and comforting undertone to the fragrance. Lastly, a hint of rice powder adds a gentle sweetness, which balances out the composition and brings everything together in a harmonious blend.

Overall, Love, Chloé is a delightful powdery and floral perfume that showcases the beauty of its featured notes, creating a scent that is both soft and captivating.

Review of Love, Chloé

Love, Chloé by Chloé, a perfume launched in 2010, targets a predominantly female audience with its powdery and floral scent profile. The fragrance has a noteworthy staying power and moderate sillage, making it perfect for those who appreciate a long-lasting scent without overpowering others in their vicinity.

The perfume's composition primarily features powdery and floral notes, offering a gentle and comforting sensation. With sweet, fresh, and spicy undertones, this fragrance provides a delightful balance that caters to a variety of preferences. While there is a touch of synthetic aroma, it does not detract from the overall scent experience.

Love, Chloé is suitable for various seasons, with fall and spring being the optimal times to wear it. However, it can also be worn during winter and summer, making it a versatile addition to your fragrance collection. The perfume is fitting for numerous occasions, such as daily wear, evening events, nights out, business engagements, and leisure activities.

In summary, Love, Chloé by Chloé is a versatile fragrance that caters to a wide range of women, providing a long-lasting, powdery and floral scent. Its adaptability across seasons and occasions makes it a valuable addition to any perfume collection. With its balanced composition and moderate sillage, this perfume offers a comforting and pleasant aroma suitable for various preferences and settings.

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