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Narcisse by Chloé

Narcisse by Chloé
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1992
Brand: Chloé

Key Notes of Narcisse

What Does Narcisse Smell Like

Upon first sniff, Narcisse by Chloé instantly fills the senses with a lively bouquet of orange blossom, intertwining delicately with sweet apricot and the tropical fragrance of frangipani. The unexpected hint of pot marigold adds a distinct edge, provoking intrigue.

As the initial brightness fades, the heart of the perfume begins to unfold. It reveals a strong presence of narcissus, its floral scent enveloping the wearer like a soft blanket. The narcissus is punctuated by the exotic scent of jasmine and the classic romance of rose, creating a floral symphony. An unexpected hint of spice keeps the perfume far from being a predictable floral scent, adding a layer of mystery.

As the scent settles, the base notes emerge. Musk, with its animalistic depth, mixes beautifully with the classic sweetness of vanilla, creating a warm and comforting foundation. Sandalwood lends a creamy woodiness that complements the floral heart. Tolu balm, a rather distinctive note, adds a resinous, slightly vanilla-like tone, further enhancing the overall sweetness of the perfume.

In total, Narcisse by Chloé is a dreamy floral scent with sweet, spicy and oriental undertones, elegantly transitioning from a lively opening to a comforting, warm dry down.

Review of Narcisse

Narcisse by Chloé is a standout fragrance for women, with its vivid floral essence that hints of a vibrant spring garden. Its sweetness is not overpowering, but softly lingers, subtly complemented by a spicy undertone. The twist of fruity accents adds a playful note, while the oriental, powdery, woody, and fresh elements contribute to its complex, yet harmonious personality.

Despite its rather youthful and bright demeanor, Narcisse exhibits a remarkable longevity that extends its captivating freshness throughout the day or night. It whispers rather than shouts, with a moderate sillage that leaves a trail of intrigue without being too assertive.

Narcisse is a versatile choice, ideal for both daily wear and special occasions. Its warmth leans slightly more towards the cooler months of fall and winter, but it's light enough to be worn in spring's blossoming ambiance. Whether you're headed for a relaxed evening out, or simply going about your daily routine, Narcisse by Chloé adds a touch of elegance to your presence.

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