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Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend] by Clean

Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend] by Clean
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Richard Herpin
Brand: Clean

Key Notes of Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend]

What Does Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend] Smell Like

Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend] by Clean offers an intriguing scent profile that opens with a playful burst of honeysuckle, promptly followed by a citrusy hint of bergamot and undertones of orange blossom. This initial combination creates a fresh, somewhat sweet, and somewhat floral fragrance that is easy on the nose. As the top notes start to fade, the scent transitions into the heart of the fragrance where the aroma of vanilla orchid takes center stage. This creamy note, paired with the subtle floral essence of peony, gives the perfume a warm, inviting feel. The scent is further enhanced by the inclusion of the sensual skin accord, which adds an intriguing depth to the overall aroma. As the perfume continues to develop on the skin, the base notes of musk, salted caramel, and white cedarwood become more prominent. The musk note makes a strong statement, delivering a robust, animalistic quality that pairs well with the sweetness of the salted caramel. The cedarwood adds an earthly, woody undertone, balancing the sweetness and musk with a subtle elegance. Overall, Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend] emits a sweet, creamy, fresh, floral, and powdery aroma that is noticeably intriguing and pleasant.

Review of Clean Reserve - Skin [Reserve Blend]

Clean Reserve's Skin [Reserve Blend] is a unisex perfume that leans towards the feminine spectrum, appealing notably to mature women. It's a scent that seems to have been conceived with the idea of capturing the essence of femininity in a bottle, largely accomplished through its sweet, creamy, and subtly floral notes.

This fragrance offers an intimate yet welcoming aroma, making it perfect for everyday wear, whether you're off to work or simply enjoying a leisurely day. The honeysuckle and orange blossom lend a certain freshness to the mix, creating a pleasant first impression. The scent then mellows into a skin-like musk, given a slightly decadent twist with the addition of salted caramel.

Skin [Reserve Blend] is not the longest-lasting perfume out there, nor does it have the strongest sillage. This means it may need to be reapplied throughout the day to maintain its presence, but also that it's unlikely to overwhelm those around you with its scent. It's a fragrance that stays close to the skin, like a personal secret or a beautifully soft cashmere sweater.

This perfume truly shines during the milder seasons of spring and fall, where its blend of sweetness and freshness can harmoniously coexist with the weather. However, it's not a fragrance that would be out of place during the warmer or cooler months either.

In terms of value, Skin [Reserve Blend] might not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, but the quality of the scent and the thoughtfulness of the blend make it a worthwhile investment for those drawn to its delicate, feminine charm.

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