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Clean Reserve - Sueded Oud by Clean

Clean Reserve - Sueded Oud by Clean
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Claude Dir
Brand: Clean

Key Notes of Clean Reserve - Sueded Oud

What Does Clean Reserve - Sueded Oud Smell Like

When first introduced to Clean Reserve's Sueded Oud, there's an immediate punch of spicy chili, which is expertly softened by the smoky scent of frankincense. Behind these dominant notes are hints of fresh birch wood and a subtle touch of sweet honeysuckle that gently tease the senses.

As the initial heat of the fragrance begins to fade, the core notes emerge. At the heart of this perfume, the exotic aroma of bushman's candle mingles with the floral softness of magnolia and the deep earthiness of oud. These are gently underscored by the resinous scent of fir balsam and the faint, almost mysterious whisper of night-blooming jasmine.

As the perfume lingers, it leaves in its wake a robust base that mirrors its woody and leathery essence. A potent musk introduces this final layer, harmoniously blended with a distinct scent of suede. The encore of frankincense and earthy patchouli is noticeable, while a hint of black amber adds a sense of richness to the scene. Bringing a touch of sweetness to this potent mix are undertones of praliné, subtly suggesting a sense of decadence and indulgence. The result is a scent that is undeniably spicy at first, but mellows into a unique and intriguing blend of floral, woody and sweet notes.

Review of Clean Reserve - Sueded Oud

Clean Reserve's Sueded Oud is a remarkable blend of robust and delicate notes, appealing to both men and women alike. The most notable demographic drawn to this perfume is men, highlighting its versatile nature. A remarkable fusion of woody, spicy, and leathery scents, Sueded Oud doesn't conform to the traditional spectrum of fragrances. It lends itself to the adventurous spirit, not afraid to explore the road less traveled.

Starting with the scent, its dominant woody tone stirs images of an old-world library filled with rich mahogany and ancient tomes. The subtle yet impactful spicy undertones inject an element of warmth and mystery to the mix. The gentle touch of leather adds a level of depth and sophistication, while sweet notes keep it approachable.

Season-wise, it's a chameleon. Its warmth makes it perfect for brisk fall days and chilly winter nights, yet its freshness allows it to adapt to spring's rebirth and summer's vitality. Regardless of the occasion, whether it's a casual day out, a business meeting, or a night on the town, Sueded Oud provides a distinct but adaptable presence.

However, the perfume's longevity leaves something to be desired. It might not be the best choice for those seeking a scent that lasts all day. Similarly, its sillage is modest, making it a more intimate fragrance rather than a statement-maker.

In terms of value, Sueded Oud is a worthy investment for those who appreciate a versatile and unexpected scent. Its unique blend of notes and adaptable nature make it a standout choice among its contemporaries. Rest assured, Clean Reserve's Sueded Oud is an intriguing choice that doesn't strive to fit into a box.

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