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Skin by Clean

Skin by Clean
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Clean

What Does Skin Smell Like

Skin by Clean opens with a light, fresh scent reminiscent of a soft breeze on a clear day. The initial impression is layered with subtle hints of honeydew melon, which lends a mild sweetness, undercut by the pure, almost watery fragrance of lotus. As the perfume settles, there's a transition to a floral heart, with the dominant smell of blossom, supported by the subtler aquatic notes that bring to mind the scent of a blooming garden after rain. There's the faintest hint of blue rose, but it's a whisper rather than a shout, lending an unusual twist to the floral bouquet. As the perfume dries down, the base notes come into play. White musk provides an anchoring warmth to the fragrance, combined with the woody scent of amberwood and cashmere wood. A touch of vanilla peeks through, but it's not overly sweet - it's more of a mellow, comforting aroma. In total, Skin by Clean leaves an impression of fresh, floral, slightly sweet and synthetic notes, all melded together in a pleasingly light and clean scent.

Review of Skin

Skin by Clean is a perfume that caters to women and leans towards the mature audience. Unveiled in 2011, the fragrance can be best described as a refreshing concoction that is dominated by a fresh and floral scent. The perfume feels like a warm embrace, starting with a burst of air accord and honeydew melon that gradually develops into an evocative blend of blossoms and aquatic notes.

The scent is well suited for spring and summer, adding to the charm of leisurely afternoons or casual daily wear. However, those who prefer a more intense and long-lasting fragrance may find Skin lacking in these departments. The scent projects moderately, which makes it a good choice for close contact situations, but might leave you desiring for more in a larger setting.

While the perfume leaves a sweet and creamy trail, it can also feel synthetic at times. Users seeking a more natural scent profile might be disappointed. The base notes of white musk and amberwood lend a comforting finish, blending beautifully with the other elements.

Skin by Clean is a good value-for-money option that offers an enjoyable fragrance experience, though not without its flaws. It may not be the scent for a big night out or a formal business meeting, but it does well in a laid-back setting. A fresh and floral perfume, it is a smart choice for those who enjoy gentle and subtle fragrances. Note that the scent may lean towards the synthetic side and has moderate longevity and sillage. Although not perfect, Skin by Clean can be a great addition to your everyday perfume collection.

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