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Fresh Laundry by Clean

Fresh Laundry by Clean
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2005
Brand: Clean

What Does Fresh Laundry Smell Like

Fresh Laundry by Clean is a perfume that invites you on an olfactory journey, starting with a striking, bright opening of ripe Brazilian orange. This citrusy burst is not accompanied by any hints of grass or key lime. Instead, it stands alone, providing an exhilarating introduction that is clean and fresh.

But as the initial citrus fades, the floral middle notes take hold. The potent aroma of night-blooming jasmine is dominant, creating a robust, deeply floral heart that is feminine and somewhat exotic. Rose otto is not detectable, making the jasmine the sole star in this middle phase.

As the perfume settles, base notes of musk and heliotrope effectively ground this fragrance. Heliotrope, a plant with a sweet, almond-like aroma, is particularly notable. Its presence adds a powdery, delicate touch. The musk, in contrast, is less noticeable but provides a soft, animalistic undertone to the blend.

Overall, this fragrance is reminiscent of a basket of fresh laundry, just pulled from the dryer. It is a combination of clean citrus, intense floral jasmine, sweet, powdery heliotrope, and subtly animalistic musk, creating a fragrance that is fresh, slightly synthetic, and straightforwardly clean.

Review of Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry by Clean is an invigorating fragrance that truly lives up to its name. Released in 2005, this perfume has been loved by individuals seeking a scent that embodies cleanliness and simplicity. It is designed for women, and it particularly resonates with those who appreciate the sensation of wearing freshly washed clothes.

The Fresh Laundry scent is a harmonious blend that leans towards a clean, crisp aroma. The dominating fresh and synthetic notes produce an impression akin to a breezy spring morning or a warm summer day. Weaving within this tapestry of scent, you'll find a hint of citrus that gives a slight tangy twist, preventing the fragrance from becoming too monotonous. Powdery, floral, aquatic, and green notes are also present, each contributing to the overall sensation of a clean and fresh scent.

While this perfume works well across all seasons, its strength truly shines through in the spring and summer months. The scent is light and invigorating, blending seamlessly with the aroma of blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass. It's less potent in the colder months, but still a viable option for those who prefer a subtle and fresh presence.

The Fresh Laundry perfume's longevity and sillage are not overpowering. It stays close to the skin, creating a personal aura that is gentle and comforting rather than grand and commanding. This makes it an ideal choice for daily use, leisure activities, sports, and business settings.

However, for those seeking a more pronounced and long-lasting perfume, Fresh Laundry by Clean might not meet their expectations. Its subtlety might be seen as a shortcoming, particularly for individuals who prefer a more assertive scent.

In summary, Fresh Laundry by Clean is akin to a breath of fresh air, offering a clean and crisply-scented fragrance that is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and the nostalgic aroma of freshly laundered clothes.

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