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Aromatics In Black by Clinique

Aromatics In Black by Clinique
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Brand: Clinique

What Does Aromatics In Black Smell Like

Upon the first whiff, Aromatics In Black by Clinique, opens up with the zesty and crisp scent of Italian bergamot, intertwined with a tangy hint of pink grapefruit. This initial impression pulls you into a sensory experience that encapsulates the vibrant playfulness of the created fragrance.

As the initial citrusy tones start to fade, the softer, floral notes come into play. The exotic osmanthus lends a rich, sweet aroma, mingling with the intoxicating scent of jasmine sambac. A subtle underlay of neroli brings a light floral-citrus note that bridges between the bright opening and the deeper heart of the fragrance.

As the fragrance settles onto the skin, the deeper, earthy tones start to shine through. The warm, balsamic scent of myrrh is paired with the sweet, almond-like scent of tonka bean. This creates an undeniable depth and complexity to the fragrance’s base, bringing a sultry warmth that lingers on the skin. Underpinning everything is the grassy, earthy note of vetiver, grounding the fragrance and providing a soothing end to the aromatic journey.

This blend of vibrant citrus, lush florals, and earthy base notes creates a rich, complex fragrance that is distinctively Oriental, floral, and sweet with a hint of spice.

Review of Aromatics In Black

Over the years, Clinique has built a reputation for delivering classically refined fragrances that can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. Aromatics in Black is no exception. Released in 2015, this perfume displays a style that is undoubtedly timeless, yet it manages to infuse an interesting twist that is appealing to modern tastes.

Right off the bat, the perfume showcases a rich blend of floral and oriental scents, making it a warm, comforting, inviting fragrance. The floral notes are not overpowering but provide a subtle, elegant backdrop, while the oriental nuances give it a certain depth and complexity that is often lacking in many contemporary perfumes. The sweet, spicy, and powdery accents further add to this pleasing complexity, making the fragrance a treat for the senses.

It becomes apparent that Aromatics in Black was designed with an adult audience in mind, particularly women, as it exudes a sense of maturity and sophistication. Its depth and warmth make it best suited for winter and fall seasons. It seems to shine in the evening hours and can be a great companion for a night out.

However, it's not without its shortcomings. The sillage is moderate and may not leave as much of a trail as some might prefer. The longevity, while decent, might not last through an entire day or night. Also, the scent might be too intense for some, particularly those who prefer fresher, lighter fragrances.

All in all, Aromatics in Black is a bold, intriguing fragrance from Clinique. It captures a certain timeless elegance while offering a modern, complex blend that sets it apart from its peers. While it may not be for everyone, those who appreciate depth, warmth, and a hint of mystery in their perfume might find it quite appealing.

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