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Wrappings by Clinique

Wrappings by Clinique
Gender: Women
Release date: 1990
Brand: Clinique

Key Notes of Wrappings

What Does Wrappings Smell Like

Wrappings by Clinique opens with an immediate herbaceous wave, a distinctive combination of green notes. There's a hint of mugwort in the mix, adding a slightly bitter undertone and enhancing the earthiness. Subtle notes of aldehydes lend a clean, crisp edge, while a touch of lavender introduces a gentle, floral sweetness. Mace completes the top notes with a lingering spicy touch that warms the opening.

Moving into the heart of the fragrance, a beautiful bouquet unfolds. Carnation, hyacinth and rose combine to create a floral heart with a spicy undertone. The rose adds a timeless romantic touch, while the hyacinth infuses an aquatic freshness. There's also a hint of jasmine that contributes a rich, exotic twist and a soft whiff of sandalwood that makes the heart subtly woody.

The dry down reveals a base grounded in the verdant touch of moss, adding a sense of natural earthiness. Musk adds a warm, animalistic feel that lends depth and complexity. Cedar enhances the woody facet of the scent while leather introduces a subtle, rugged edge. The patchouli, playing a supportive role, adds a distinct rich, sweet, and slightly dark tone to the base. Overall, Wrappings by Clinique presents a green, spicy, fresh aroma with a woody and chypre touch.

Review of Wrappings

Clinique's Wrappings, first introduced in 1990, is a nostalgic fragrance that carries an unmistakable character. This scent is predominantly favored by women, but also engages a wide audience, making it a versatile choice for many perfume enthusiasts. It's a testament to its longevity that even after three decades it maintains a loyal following.

Wrapped in a green and spicy aura with undertones of chypre, woody, fresh, and floral notes, this fragrance paints a vivid picture of springtime freshness leading into the warmer tones of fall. It's not quite a summer beach day, and far from a cosy winter fireside, but it finds its sweet spot in the transition periods of the year.

The scent profile of Wrappings invites both leisurely weekend outings and everyday wear. It can effortlessly traverse the spectrum from a casual day out to a business meeting, making it a flexible addition to your perfume collection.

Upon the first spritz, you'll find a sharp herbaceous bite that soon mellows into a delightful bouquet of carnation, hyacinth, and rose. As the day unfolds, the base notes of moss, musk and cedar make their presence known, grounding the fragrance in a comforting, earthy finish.

That being said, Wrappings can be a bit polarizing. While its bold green and spicy aspects can feel invigorating to some, others might find them a tad overpowering. It's a scent that asks for a bit of commitment, and rewards those who appreciate its distinct personality. Its longevity is commendable, though the sillage isn't as expansive as some might prefer.

In conclusion, Clinique's Wrappings is a classic fragrance, a tapestry of memorable moments.

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