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Coach Platinum by Coach

Coach Platinum by Coach
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Bruno Jovanovic
Brand: Coach

Key Notes of Coach Platinum

What Does Coach Platinum Smell Like

Upon the first inhalation of Coach Platinum by Coach, you are met with an unmistakable, sharp aroma of pineapple, beautifully contrasting with the warm spice of black pepper. Juniper berries add a touch of fruitiness, creating an invigoratingly sweet, yet spicy and fresh opening.

As this initial burst mellows, the heart of the perfume unfolds. The floral essence of geranium mingles with the earthy scent of sage, creating a green, slightly herbal undertone. Cashmeran weaves in amid these notes, introducing a musky woodiness that bridges the gap to the base.

The dry-down presents a smooth blend of creamy vanilla, grounding the fragrance with a delectable sweetness. This sweetness is grounded by a rich, woody aroma from the sandalwood, blending perfectly with the slightly earthy, aromatic character of patchouli. The finale comes with a subtle hint of leather, adding just the right touch of masculine depth.

In summary, Coach Platinum is a sweet and floral fragrance with noticeable spicy and fruity aspects, settled on a woody, musky, and slightly leathery base. The transition from the bright, fruity top notes to the warm, earthy base is a sensory journey that reflects the multifaceted nature of modern masculinity.

Review of Coach Platinum

Coach Platinum exudes a modern, masculine aura, making it particularly appealing to a more mature audience. Picture a confident, stylish man in his prime, stepping out on a cool fall or fresh spring day—this is the essence Coach has captured.

The scent opens with a distinctive sweet yet spicy blend, making a first impression that's sure to turn heads. The juicy pineapple note adds an unexpected twist, while the black pepper and juniper berry lend an edgy spark. As the scent evolves, it reveals a heart of soft cashmeran and sage, a blend that whispers of sophistication without shouting it. Though the perfume doesn't scream for attention, it subtly commands it, drawing people closer.

The base is a sensual cocktail of vanilla and sandalwood, grounded by earthy patchouli and a hint of leather, adding depth and complexity. The creamy vanilla lends a comforting warmth, perfect for those looking for a scent that can transition smoothly from day to night.

Despite its many positive attributes, Coach Platinum is not without its flaws. Its longevity might not meet the expectations of those looking for a scent to last them from dusk till dawn. Also, its sillage is moderate; it won't leave a strong scent trail in your wake, but rather a more reserved, intimate aura.

As for the value, it offers a fair deal for its price. It's a versatile addition to any fragrance collection, suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. Its sophisticated blend of notes makes it a suitable choice for those who enjoy fragrances that are subtly complex and elegantly masculine.

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