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Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Gender: Women
Release date: 1993

Key Notes of Amour de Cacao

What Does Amour de Cacao Smell Like

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique for women opens up with a punch of citrusy freshness brought by the orange zest. It's a lively start that isn't sharp or acidic but rather a sweet, pulpy fruitiness that sets the mood for the entire experience. As the scent begins to evolve, the cocoa note emerges, taking center stage. This isn't your typical chocolate aroma, it's more of an earthy, natural cocoa that blends seamlessly with the initial burst of citrus, creating a deeply comforting and warm sensation. The starfruit is very subtle, adding just a hint of tangy sweetness, a faint backdrop that serves to amplify the strong cocoa note. As the fragrance settles, the vanilla begins to rise, providing a sweet, creamy base. This isn't just a plain vanilla; it's decadent, but not overpowering, soft but impactful, serving as a perfect canvas for the overall blend. The result is an aroma that is rich, edible, and slightly exotic - evoking the image of a warm, sweetened cocoa drink being enjoyed in a lush, tropical setting.

Review of Amour de Cacao

Comptoir Sud Pacifique's 'Amour de Cacao,' released in 1993, is a tempting offering in the world of women's fragrances. This perfume mainly tends to gourmand lovers, with its dominant sweet and powdery notes painting a picture of a cozy winter evening. It's a great choice for those looking to add a touch of warmth and comfort to their winter and fall wardrobe.

The scent opens with a delicious burst of chocolate, evoking the mouthwatering aroma of a hot cocoa on a chilly day. As it settles, the powdery and fruity undertones come into play, adding depth and balance to the indulgent sweetness. While its sillage isn't overpowering, the fragrance is pleasantly noticeable, ideal for a relaxed leisure day or daily use.

However, the longevity could be better; you might need a touch-up during the day. Overall, 'Amour de Cacao' is a solid choice for those who revel in sweet, cozy aromas and are on the hunt for a comforting winter scent.

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