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Homme by Costume National

Homme by Costume National
Gender: Men
Release date: 2009

Key Notes of Homme

What Does Homme Smell Like

Homme by Costume National opens with a sharp and lively mix of cardamom and grapefruit, creating an immediate impression of exotic spiciness paired with a tangy citrus zing. The bite of bergamot adds an extra layer, subtly enhancing the initial bouquet with its light and fresh scent. As the fragrance evolves on the skin, the spicy theme continues with a strong presence of clove, providing a warm and intense heart to the perfume. The sweet and aromatic cinnamon combined with the earthy nuances of thyme adds a complex undertone to the middle notes. It's like a walk through an oriental spice market with its myriad of intoxicating aromas. In the dry down, the perfume reveals a rich and comforting base of creamy sandalwood, giving a woody depth to the overall composition. The resinous labdanum brings a touch of sweetness, while the earthy patchouli leaves a lasting impression of sensual muskiness. The mix of spicy, sweet, woody, and fruity accords creates a scent that is truly oriental and deeply masculine.

Review of Homme

Costume National's Homme is a robust scent that, despite being crafted for men, has a relatively balanced appeal across age and gender lines. Its vibrant aroma is a kaleidoscope of spices, sweet notes and woody undertones. A faint hint of fruity freshness adds a surprising edge, while its oriental, gourmand and resinous notes blend into an aromatic tapestry that is both rich and inviting.

Primarily designed for fall and winter use, this fragrance carries a warmth that is comforting during colder months. However, its versatility allows it ample room to be worn in the spring as well, offering a different experience with its complex scent profile. The perfume thrives in the evening and during a casual night out, yet it can also be a subtle companion for daily wear or even in a business setting.

With its solid longevity and sillage, Homme by Costume National offers good value; it's a scent that makes a statement without overpowering, offering a balanced blend of elegance and boldness.

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