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Aspen for Men by Coty

Aspen for Men by Coty
Concentration: Cologne
Gender: Men
Release date: 1989
Brand: Coty

Key Notes of Aspen for Men

What Does Aspen for Men Smell Like

Aspen for Men by Coty opens with a crisp and invigorating wave of cool mint, which dominates the fragrance's initial scent profile, flanked by a subtle citric blend of zesty bergamot and bright lemon. This fresh, green introductory aroma gradually gives way to the perfume’s heart, where an earthy vetiver imparts a slightly smoky and complex undertone to the overall fragrance. A faint hint of aromatic lavender infuses a quiet floral note, barely noticeable yet seamlessly blending with the other scents. The base of the fragrance introduces an undeniable woody character, with rich oakmoss exuding an intense mossy-green warmth, underscored by a gentle touch of sweet and resinous amber. Altogether, Aspen for Men paints a vivid olfactory picture of a brisk walk through a lush, verdant forest, complete with enticing green and spicy undertones layered over a robust woody backbone.

Review of Aspen for Men

Aspen for Men by Coty is a timeless cologne that feels like a breath of fresh mountain air. It's a predominantly green and fresh scent with a hint of citrusy bite, making it a perfect choice for nature lovers. A touch of spicy warmth keeps it grounded, while woody undertones lend it a masculine edge. While the scent isn't overwhelmingly long-lasting, it hits the sweet spot of being noticeable without being overpowering, making it an ideal choice for daily wear. Its aquatic notes and fougère elements add a refreshing feel, making it suitable for casual leisure days or even for a brisk business meeting. Despite its synthetic components, it manages to mimic nature quite well. Best suited for spring and summer, it can also add a touch of freshness to crisp fall days. However, its light character might not stand up to the harshness of winter.

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