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Aventus for Her by Creed

Aventus for Her by Creed
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Brand: Creed

What Does Aventus for Her Smell Like

Aventus for Her by Creed is a delightful women's fragrance that opens with a fruity burst, primarily driven by the crisp and juicy aroma of green apples. This fruity accord is complemented by the fresh, citrusy presence of Calabrian bergamot, adding an uplifting and zesty touch. The inclusion of pink pepper and violet leaf lends a subtly spicy and green undertone to the top notes, creating a well-rounded opening scent.

In the heart of the perfume, the smooth and creamy Mysore sandalwood takes the spotlight, delivering a rich, earthy aroma. It is accompanied by the slightly sweet and resinous styrax, which adds depth to the overall composition. The presence of rose, although not very prominent, contributes a soft and romantic floral hint to the middle notes.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes reveal a delicious combination of blackcurrant and peach, bringing back the fruity aspect and adding a touch of natural sweetness. The warmth of amber enhances the base, giving it a cozy and slightly resinous feel. Finally, the gentle touch of ylang-ylang offers a light, exotic floral nuance, completing the fragrance's profile with a balanced and harmonious finish.

Review of Aventus for Her

Aventus for Her by Creed, released in 2016, is a perfume that mainly targets women, with a focus on mature and young individuals. The scent is primarily fruity, with a blend of fresh, floral, sweet, and woody undertones. Citrus, synthetic, spicy, and green notes can also be detected, providing a well-rounded aroma.

The perfume showcases its best potential during the spring and summer seasons, where the fruity and fresh elements can come to life. However, it can also be worn during fall to bring a touch of warmth to the cooler days. The winter season may not highlight the scent's full potential as well as the other seasons but can still be worn for a hint of freshness.

Aventus for Her is a versatile choice for various occasions, including leisure, daily activities, and business settings. Its scent profile allows it to be an all-around fragrance that can adapt to casual or professional environments. For those looking for a perfume for a night out or an evening event, this scent can still work but may not be the top choice for such occasions. Moreover, it can also be worn during sports activities, although it may not be the most preferred option.

In terms of longevity, Aventus for Her can last quite a while, and its sillage is moderate, ensuring that the scent can be noticed without being overwhelming. However, the value might not be the best for everyone, depending on individual preferences and budget.

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