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Love in Black by Creed

Love in Black by Creed
Gender: Women
Release date: 2008
Brand: Creed

What Does Love in Black Smell Like

Love in Black by Creed opens with a distinct note of white violet, imparting a gentle floral aroma that's immediately apparent upon the first sniff. This floral note is lightly sweet, taking on a fresh and somewhat earthy tone, rather than being overly sugary or creamy. As the scent transitions, the heart notes bring forward a beautifully layered combination of Florentine iris and clove. The iris lends a delicate powdery quality, enhancing the original floral scent with an added layer of depth. The clove, on the other hand, introduces a hint of spice, adding a warm and subtly fiery undertone that contrasts wonderfully with the cooler floral elements.

The perfume finishes with a base of violet, rose, and Burgundy blackcurrant. Violet's sweet, distinct scent dances well with the faintly sour note of blackcurrant, resulting in a fruity undertone that lingers beautifully. The rose note comes into play with a touch of classic, rich floral scent that ties the whole composition together. The final lingering smell of Love in Black by Creed is an interesting blend of floral, fruity, spicy, and powdery scents, which stays true to the main accords and gives it a naturally sweet yet refreshing finish.

Review of Love in Black

Creed's Love in Black is a women's perfume that leans toward the mature side. Its complex floral, spicy and fruity notes make it a suitable choice for women who like to express a certain level of elegance. It's not the perfume for those looking for a sweet, girly scent, but instead offers something a bit more intriguing.

The fragrance's most striking impression comes from its white violet top note and violet base note, making violet a resounding theme throughout. This creates a powdery, somewhat woody aroma that's equally fit for a cozy winter evening as it is for a crisp fall night. Its spice and floral components make it versatile enough for different seasons, but it's during the cooler months that Love in Black really shines.

While the fragrance offers decent staying power, it doesn't tend to overpower. Its sillage leaves a subtle trail rather than a booming presence. This makes it a suitable choice for a night out, or even a quiet evening at home. However, its performance during the day or in a business setting might be less than ideal due to its subtle nature.

One potential issue with Love in Black is its value for money. While Creed is a well-known luxury brand, this particular fragrance may not justify its price tag for some. It's a lovely perfume, but it's not a groundbreaking or revolutionary scent.

Overall, Love in Black is a respectable offering from Creed that will surely appeal to a woman with a penchant for sophisticated and floral scents, but its high cost and lack of versatility might leave some desiring more.

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