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Love In White by Creed

Love In White by Creed
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2005
Brand: Creed

What Does Love In White Smell Like

Love In White by Creed is distinctly feminine, with an exuberant bouquet of floral scents dancing in harmony with fresh and powdery undertones. The first whiff reveals a lively and zesty aroma of orange zest, a refreshing citrus delight that is instantly captivating yet gentle.

As the initial citrus note starts to mellow, the heart of the fragrance unveils itself. The elegant scent of Florentine iris mingles with the sweet, slightly lemony aroma of magnolia. The yellow narcissus contributes a rich, intoxicating floral smell that lends a certain depth to the fragrance.

Moving into the base notes, a soothing and soft vanilla scent emerges, adding a sweet, creamy layer to the composition. The ambergris imparts a subtly musky undertone, lending an earthy richness to the overall scent. The Mysore sandalwood rounds out the fragrance with a warm, woody aroma that leaves a tranquil, lingering impression.

Overall, Love In White by Creed is a well-balanced blend of fresh, floral, and subtly sweet elements, with a vibrant citrus top note and a comforting, warm base. It's a fragrance that embraces femininity in all its complexity and grace.

Review of Love In White

Creed's Love In White, introduced in 2005, is a perfume tailored to the women with a discernible penchant for floral fragrances. Its aromatic profile leans heavily on floral notes, with a crisp freshness that follows close behind. There's a powdery undertone, a synthetic edge, and a burst of citrus that harmonizes with the sweetness and greenery in the mix.

This fragrance flourishes in the warmth of spring and the high sun of summer, making it a good choice for daytime wear, whether for casual leisure activities or formal business settings. Its longevity is decent, which means you can enjoy its scent for a good period of time. However, its sillage is moderate, not overpowering, making it ideal for those who prefer a less intrusive fragrance.

In terms of value, Love In White by Creed may sit at a higher price point, but it's a worthy consideration for those who appreciate a well-crafted floral perfume with a refreshing twist.

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