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Royal Mayfair by Creed

Royal Mayfair by Creed
Gender: Men
Release date: 2009
Brand: Creed

Key Notes of Royal Mayfair

What Does Royal Mayfair Smell Like

Royal Mayfair by Creed is a men's perfume that opens with a prominent, fresh gin scent, accompanied by the slightly sharp aroma of pine and a subtle hint of zesty lime. This combination creates a refreshing and invigorating initial impression.

As the fragrance develops, the floral heart reveals itself. The dominant rose note is full-bodied and rich, lending a luxurious and elegant quality to the perfume. It is complemented by the presence of tuberose, which adds a touch of depth and complexity to the overall floral experience.

In the base, the woody aroma of cedar emerges, grounding the fragrance and providing a solid foundation for the other notes. The eucalyptus gives the perfume a distinctive green, slightly medicinal quality, while the mild orange note adds a hint of sweetness and warmth to balance the composition.

Overall, Royal Mayfair by Creed is a well-crafted fragrance that combines fresh, floral, woody, green, and spicy accords to create a memorable scent. The perfume is both refreshing and sophisticated, making it perfect for the modern man who appreciates a versatile and refined fragrance.

Review of Royal Mayfair

Royal Mayfair by Creed, released in 2009, is a refined men's fragrance designed to cater primarily to a mature audience. With a floral core, this scent is characterized by its fresh, woody, and green undertones, complemented by a touch of spiciness and a hint of citrus. The blend of these elements results in a balanced and pleasant aroma that exudes an air of distinguished masculinity.

Created with springtime in mind, Royal Mayfair also lends itself well to summer and fall wear, making it a versatile option for those looking for a signature scent to accompany them throughout most of the year. The fragrance performs moderately well in terms of longevity and sillage, ensuring that the scent remains noticeable without overwhelming the senses.

In terms of value, Royal Mayfair ranks slightly above average, offering a satisfying experience for those who appreciate quality, but may not be considered a bargain by some. The scent is well-suited for casual outings, business meetings, and daily wear, while also being appropriate for evening events and nights out.

In summary, Royal Mayfair by Creed is a distinguished and balanced fragrance for men who appreciate a floral scent with fresh, woody, and green accents. Its versatility makes it a great choice for those seeking a scent that can transition seamlessly from day to night, and across different seasons.

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