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Royal Princess Oud by Creed

Royal Princess Oud by Creed
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Brand: Creed

Key Notes of Royal Princess Oud

What Does Royal Princess Oud Smell Like

The aroma of Royal Princess Oud by Creed opens with an immediate punch of violet, its boldness softened slightly by the understated yet noticeable scent of Sicilian bergamot. With the violet being so prominent, it's almost easy to overlook the subtle hint of rose that lends a classic, feminine touch to the perfume's initial impression. As the top notes start to fade, the middle notes begin to take center stage. There's a dominant presence of Florentine iris, its earthy fragrance complemented by the slightly deeper scent of patchouli. The delicate whisper of jasmine and the sweet undertone of vanilla absolute create a floral and slightly sweet middle stage.

As these middle notes start to settle, the perfume transitions into its final stage. In this phase, Royal Princess Oud reveals its most profound characters. The base notes of Indian sandalwood and styrax provide a woody and resinous foundation that feels distinctly warm and exotic. These are closely followed by the balsamic scent of Benzoin Siam and the elusive yet distinct scent of Oud, wrapping up the perfume's scent journey with an intriguing blend of sweet, woody, and slightly smoky notes. Overall, the smell of Royal Princess Oud is a complex dance between bold florals, exotic woods, and a touch of sweet and spicy elements.

Review of Royal Princess Oud

Royal Princess Oud by Creed is a fragrance that commands attention, primarily aimed at women. With a dominating woody and floral character, it's a perfume that stands out in the crowd. The freshness and spiciness come together to create an invigorating aroma that's difficult to resist. A touch of fruitiness adds a surprising twist, making it more appealing. The citrus and resinous notes, although subtle, give it an underlying complexity. A hint of sweetness and creaminess brings a soft finish that lingers beautifully.

This perfume is a lovely companion for spring days, yet it has a resilient character that makes it suitable for fall as well. It's an excellent choice for an everyday scent, whether you're heading to work, out for leisure, or an evening event.

The longevity and sillage are impressive, making it a decent choice for those who prefer a lasting fragrance. The value factor isn't the highest in the market, but considering the robust character and versatility, it justifies the price tag well. If you're a woman seeking a scent that's distinct yet not overpowering, Royal Princess Oud by Creed is worth trying.

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