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Royal Water by Creed

Royal Water by Creed
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 1997
Brand: Creed

What Does Royal Water Smell Like

Royal Water by Creed opens with a lively burst of fresh, zesty bergamot and a tang of lemon, complemented by a subtle hint of sweet mandarin orange. The introduction of peppermint and vervain adds an unexpected revitalizing edge, while the whisper of clementine adds a soft, delicate citrusy undertone.

As the top notes begin to settle, the fragrance transitions into its heart. Here, the dominant notes of juniper berry make their presence known, bringing a green, resinous, slightly sweet and somewhat balsamic scent. The addition of basil provides a hint of aromatic freshness, while the pepper adds a touch of spice that tantalizes the senses. The cumin is subtle, giving a warm, slightly spicy, and musky aroma.

As the fragrance dries down, the base notes of ambergris and Tonkin musk become more prominent. The ambergris gives the perfume a marine, earthy, and slightly sweet undertone, while the Tonkin musk adds a deep, resonant muskiness to the fragrance. The blend of base notes provides a solid foundation that beautifully ties together the initial citrus freshness and spicy floral heart. The overall result is a scent that is as regal as it is refreshing, a true tribute to the name - Royal Water.

Review of Royal Water

Creed's Royal Water is a captivating blend that appeals greatly to men, with a scent that is predominantly fresh with strong citrus undertones. This blend makes it ideal for warm weather, making it a perfect pick for both summer and spring. Its aquatic and green notes further enhance its fresh profile, while the subtle spicy, floral, and fruity notes add a well-rounded finish to the blend.

Royal Water is a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you're heading to the office, meeting friends for a casual outing, or hitting the gym, this fragrance can serve you well. However, its moderate sillage and longevity might require reapplication throughout the day.

In terms of value for money, it is worth noting that Royal Water holds a mid-range position. It might not be the most economical choice, but its well-composed scent profile and the pedigree of the Creed brand may well justify the price for many. In essence, Royal Water is a well-rounded, fresh fragrance that can serve as a reliable choice for daily wear, especially during warmer months.

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