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Tabarome Millésime by Creed

Tabarome Millésime by Creed
Gender: Men
Release date: 2000
Brand: Creed

Key Notes of Tabarome Millésime

What Does Tabarome Millésime Smell Like

The initial wave of scent from Tabarome Millésime by Creed hits with a powerful citrus punch. A mélange of zesty bergamot and lemon intermingles with the distinct warmth of ginger, rounded off by a faint hint of mandarin orange. The initial zest slowly recedes, allowing the heart of the fragrance to emerge. This second wave brings forth the subtly sweet and slightly creamy nuances of sandalwood along with the earthy depth of vetiver. An unexpected hint of jasmine adds a discreet floral touch to the heart notes.

As the perfume settles, it’s the base that leaves a compelling impression - the robust and unmistakable scent of tobacco. This signature note takes center stage, its intensity matched by the comforting aroma of tea. A low murmur of musk lingers in the background, serving to enhance and ground the primary base notes.

The result is an aromatic landscape of contrasting elements: the bright freshness of citrus, the serene warmth of woodsy notes and the smoky depth of tobacco. All these elements come together to create a multilayered olfactory experience: fresh yet smoky, vibrant yet soothing, and masculine in a subtle, understated way.

Review of Tabarome Millésime

Tabarome Millésime by Creed is a scent that evokes a sense of maturity and class, particularly suited to the discerning gentleman. Its spice-infused aroma, underlined by hints of wood and smoke, makes it a captivating choice for those who appreciate depth and complexity in their scent. The presence of fresh citrus notes brightens the overall profile, giving it a burst of liveliness that's not too overpowering. A touch of leathery and green notes gives it a grounded, natural feel, which is further amplified by a subtle earthy undertone. This fragrance shines in the crispness of fall and the renewal of spring, making it a versatile choice for multiple seasons. It's equally apt for the office or a casual day out, managing to hold its own in the evenings too. However, its longevity and sillage may not be the strongest, and it's a bit on the costly side. Nevertheless, for those who prefer a scent with a distinct character, Tabarome Millésime is worth considering.

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