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Wind Flowers by Creed

Wind Flowers by Creed
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Creed

What Does Wind Flowers Smell Like

Wind Flowers by Creed instantly greets your senses with a mouthwatering splash of peach and a distinct whiff of Tunisian orange blossom. These bright, initial scents are seamlessly woven together with an undertone of Jasminum auriculatum to create a floral, sweet yet fresh aroma. As the perfume begins to settle, a heart of Jasmine sambac emerges, lingering softly but assertively. The delicate scent of Rosa centifolia is noticeable, although it does not compete with the more prominent characters. The distinct, creamy aroma of tuberose absolute ties these middle notes together.

As it continues to breathe, the perfume reveals a base of warm and slightly exotic musk. The Tunisian orange blossom reemerges, echoing its presence from the top notes. As the fragrance settles, the warm, woody scent of Indian sandalwood is appreciable, which marries beautifully with the smooth sweetness of praliné. A hint of Iris rounds off the base notes, adding a powdery undertone to the overall scent. Overall, Wind Flowers by Creed offers a tasteful blend of sweet, floral, and fresh aromas, with a comforting powdery finish.

Review of Wind Flowers

Creed's Wind Flowers, which debuted in 2022, is a fragrance that primarily appeals to women who appreciate more substantial scents. It draws its inspiration from a floral bouquet, but this is not your typical garden variety scent. It blends sweet and fresh notes, with a fruity undercurrent that adds an unexpected twist. The powdery finish lends a vintage vibe to the concoction, while woody and creamy elements ground the fragrance, giving it a sense of depth and sophistication.

While it's fair to say Wind Flowers leans towards the feminine side, it doesn't shy away from boldness. The prominent peach and jasmine accents make it burst with personality. However, the fragrance's sillage is not too overpowering, allowing it to settle into a more intimate aura.

In terms of longevity, Wind Flowers holds up fairly well, making it an ideal companion for those days when you're on the move and want your scent to keep pace. It's best suited for leisurely spring and summer days, but its vibrancy might be a welcome surprise in the chillier months.

Wind Flowers may not be for everyone. It's not the most budget-friendly choice, and its distinct character may not resonate with those who prefer more subdued fragrances. However, for the modern woman who appreciates a scent that is as complex and dynamic as she is, Wind Flowers could be the perfect match.

In conclusion, Creed's Wind Flowers is a confident, lively fragrance that brings a fresh, floral twist to any occasion. It's a bold statement for the woman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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