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Writer by Cyrus

Writer by Cyrus
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Cyrus

What Does Writer Smell Like

Writer by Cyrus is a men's fragrance that opens with a prominent burst of fresh lemon, accompanied by the crisp and slightly sweet aroma of green apple. These invigorating fruity notes are nicely balanced by the soft, floral scent of lavender and the tangy, zesty essence of mandarin orange.

As the perfume develops, the middle notes bring forth a unique blend of resinous elemi and the slightly sweet, earthy fragrance of Egyptian geranium. This combination adds a subtly spicy and exotic touch to the scent, without overpowering the freshness of the top notes.

The base of the perfume is characterized by a strong presence of earthy, woody vetiver, which adds depth and richness to the overall composition. This is complemented by the salty, sensual undertones of ambergris, as well as the clean, delicate scent of white musk. A hint of patchouli adds an extra layer of warmth and complexity to the fragrance, tying everything together.

Overall, Writer by Cyrus is a fresh, spicy, and slightly synthetic scent that combines invigorating citrus and fruity elements with exotic, earthy, and woody notes, creating a harmonious and intriguing olfactory experience.

Review of Writer

Introducing Writer by Cyrus, a men's perfume released in 2017 that has garnered quite a following. With a scent composition that leans heavily towards fresh and spicy notes, this fragrance has a broad appeal that reaches men of various age groups, making it a favorite for many.

The formulation of Writer by Cyrus showcases a notable blend of synthetic, citrus, and fruity elements. This combination creates an invigorating aroma that captures the essence of spring, yet remains versatile enough for wear during fall and summer months as well. The woody and aquatic undertones bring a subtle depth to the scent, while the sweetness adds a touch of warmth to round it all out.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Writer by Cyrus is a reliable choice that will last throughout the day without overpowering those around you. The balanced scent profile ensures that it is suitable for various occasions, ranging from daily wear to business meetings and evening gatherings.

One of the most notable aspects of this perfume is its excellent value. With a high rating in this category, Writer by Cyrus offers a top-notch fragrance experience without breaking the bank. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to add a quality perfume to their collection without spending a fortune.

In conclusion, Writer by Cyrus is a versatile men's fragrance with a fresh, spicy, and invigorating scent. Its well-blended composition and superb value make it a great choice for men seeking a reliable and enjoyable fragrance for various occasions.

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