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Horizon by Davidoff

Horizon by Davidoff
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Davidoff

What Does Horizon Smell Like

Horizon by Davidoff opens on the skin with a zesty spark, thanks to the aromatic duo of ginger and grapefruit that create an initial fresh and slightly spiced aura. The entrance of mandarin orange adds a more delicate citrus undercurrent, while a hint of rosemary contributes a green touch to the opening act. As the scent transitions into the heart notes, cedarwood takes center stage, blanketing the fragrance in a comfortable woody layer. The aromatic spiciness of nutmeg and pepper continue the spicy motif established in the opening, while patchouli lends its earthy, herbal depth. The unique addition of sesame seeds adds a slightly nutty, almost creamy texture to this heart stage. As the scent settles into the base notes, the raw appeal of vetiver with its smoky, woody, yet subtly sweet elements, emerges to tie the composition together. A touch of cocoa absolute surfaces towards the end, lending a discreet hint of a chocolatey, yet not overly sweet backdrop to the fragrance. Overall, Horizon by Davidoff paints an image of an aromatic, spicy, and woody landscape offset with hints of fresh citrus and sweet cocoa.

Review of Horizon

Horizon by Davidoff, released in 2016, is a perfume that unabashedly caters to those who appreciate a woody and spicy scent. This is a fragrance that is not shy about its intentions, for it is tailored for men with an affinity for strong and vibrant aromas.

The scent leans predominantly towards the woody spectrum, with a peppery accent that fits perfectly with those brisk spring and fall days. The fresh and citrusy notes bring a zing to the mix, making it not just a one-note wonder. However, the perfume could come off as slightly synthetic, which might not be the best fit for those who prefer natural and pure scents.

The longevity and sillage are decent but not impressive. This means that while it will last through your daily routine, don't expect it to linger for a night out or a long evening event. The fragrance doesn't project as much as one might hope for, making it more suitable for personal enjoyment rather than making a bold statement.

In terms of value, Horizon is a solid choice for daily wear. It's a reliable companion for the office or leisure activities, offering a versatile scent that won't overwhelm those around you. The sweet notes paired with the earthy undertones make this perfume a good choice for those who appreciate a complex yet understated fragrance.

Despite its shortcomings, Horizon by Davidoff offers a unique blend of scents that will appeal to men who prefer a robust, woody, and spicy aroma. It's a fragrance that stands its ground, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

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